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    Volume 11 |Issue 01| January 06, 2012 |


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Talk of the town

"I disagree with the finance minister's remark that electricity prices will go up over the next three years. Fixing power prices is a continuous process. It cannot be predicted whether prices will be increased or reduced."
prime minister's energy adviser
about finance minister's comment that power prices will have to be increased bit by bit in the next three years.

"We did not allow Chhatra Dal to get involved in any wrongdoing when we were in power."
opposition leader and BNP chairperson
about the current unlawful activities of pro-AL student organisation Bangladesh Chhatra League.

"It is not only disgraceful for me, but also humiliating for the prime minister. You people do business in the name of workshops, and humiliate us by inviting to your programme. But I am not going to tolerate this. Had I known it earlier that this is a CPD-Katalyst programme, I wouldn't have come here."
textile and jute minister
about the moderator's mistake for not mentioning him as a freedom fighter

"Their attitude is one of surprise at all the progress we have made. You [newspapers] are the nawabs [rulers] and we are your subjects."
prime minister
about newspaper's criticism on government's reliance on rental power plants
at a meeting with Newspaper Owners Association of Bangladesh (NOAB).

"No statement can be as silly as the one that the price of power is rising because power is bought from rental plants."
finance minister
defending government's decision to opt for the costly fuel run rental power plants.

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