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   Volume 11 |Issue 04| January 27, 2012 |


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Political Doublespeak


It is popularly believed that anywhere where there is a government, an opposition, and politics that politicians do not say what they think, they do not do what they say, and they do not think what they write. It is a bizarre world of two or more meanings to every word, and each statement. According to some, political jargon is the most changeable and sometimes the least comprehensible language on Earth. No wonder politicians remain active for decades; no one understands them and that allows them to become hallowed.

Things have gone so bad in the realm of those who are apparently sworn to serve mankind that there is an old joke doing the rounds: Q. How do you know a politician is lying? Ans. His lips are moving.

They rely on this mumbo jumbo talk because their profession (Oops! Did I just say that?) thrives on every other connotation to something uttered or lettered except the actual meaning. Here goes:


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