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            Volume 11 |Issue 10| March 09, 2012 |


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Writing the Wrong

The Empire Readies to Strike Back

Sharbari Ahmed

There is an elaborate, colluded, pantomime going on in the hallowed halls of the West Wing in DC and the Knesset in Tel Aviv. There has already been much Posturing, and Puffing. Though now it's gentle and not even on the mass radar, it will gain speed and power. It's a ruse that will cost both Americans and Israelis their lives and their hard earned money. Not to mention innocent Iranian civilians.

A recent NY Times headline read “Obama Presses Netanyahu to Resist Strikes on Iran” (3/5/12). It seems, along with his singing skills and his formidable presence on the basketball court, Obama is also a brilliant actor. This is one of the most disingenuous articles I have ever read and the NY Times is particularly adept at biased journalism masked as responsible reportage.

I can just imagine the conversation right before the photo for this article was taken:

A disturbing alliance?

Obama to Bebe: “Ok, so this is how this will play out. We will shake hands, make some small talk, how are the grandkids, you can ask me about my dog and encourage me to keep using the nicotine patch. It will all be very jovial. After the initial pleasantries, we will sit down next to the Lincoln fireplace (note from writer, not sure if there is such a thing in the White House, but most likely there is) and commence discussions.”

Here Bebe nods and pops another cookie in his mouth. The President continues: “I will then, convivially, urge you to resist striking on Iran.”

Here Bebe winks and eyes the remaining cookie. “But, my fingers will be crossed the whole time. Blink twice if you understand,” Obama says. Bebe blinks.

“I might get a little rough,” Obama adds, “lay it on a little thick, but that's just for the press and so Dennis Kucinich gets off my back, plus that pesky Human Rights Watch. I can't afford to tick anyone off. It's an election year, you know. I know it's a tradition to start a war during an election year, but I have killed Osama and brought down the Berlin Wall—oops! Got a little confused. That was Reagan. Anyways, I got him and that is enough to get me re-elected, plus the fact the GOP showing themselves to be a band of misogynistic, homophobic, racist pigs with every public appearance practically ensures my second term.”

Here Bebe feels the need to interject, as Obama appears to be getting off point.

“Oh right. When will we officially show our support? Well, never chum. But we will provide you the weapons, share our intelligence, and make flaccid statements that will obfuscate the truth as much as possible by discussing how Iran is cultivating an elaborate uranium programme. You will execute a series of strikes and we will allow you to continue building illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. How does that sound?”

Here Bebe expresses some concerns about the safety of his own citizenry post strike, though this is where my wild imagination is kicking in because the Israeli government appears to not have a post strike plan in place, nor are they excessively concerned with the safety and peace of mind of the Israeli population. If they did they would not be readying for war on yet another front. Their people have been through enough.

“Oh, well,” Obama replies to Bebe's lukewarm concerns, “there might be some fall out. Meaning you will be hated more by the Arab world, thus putting Jews and Israelis all over in more danger. Bet you didn't think THAT was possible huh?” He slaps him on the back, hard, almost causing him to choke on a cookie. “Look, pal o'mine, we have imposed some of the toughest sanctions the world has ever seen. This shows that we tried our best to be conciliatory,” Obama will say.

I am wondering what deal Israel was offered to be the bad guy. Though of course to Palestinians they have been the bogie man for generations. This time, though, they are willing to be the mercenaries and perhaps whatever deal they have struck will mean more destruction and suffering for the Palestinians. Hezbollah has already stated that if Iran is struck, they will confer on how to react, and they assure that it will rain hell down on Israel.

I understand that the US needs to distance itself from any active, aggressive engagement with another country when it made such a show of pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan in record time. We will be seeing the redeployment in increments to Iran and environs of exhausted, traumatised troops, and American tax dollars will foot the bill, as we are for the weapons that will be used in the strike.

This situation is markedly different from when NATO struck Libya for “Humanitarian purposes”. That action was openly spearheaded by the US. NYSE was shaken recently by the prospect of a strike on Iran. Some of the world is bracing itself. Iran certainly is.

Last month, ironically, “The Separation”, an Iranian film, won the Oscar for best Foreign Film. The filmmaker, Asghar Faradi stood on stage and instead of the standard tearful litany of thanks, he simply stated that the Iranians were a peace loving people. I believe that was a pointed allusion to the impending strike on his beautiful country. The fact is Iranian President Ahmadinajad has made many threatening and war like statements against both the US and Israel. He has also victimised his own people, including many of Faradi's filmmaking colleagues, but this does not justify war from an outside, Imperialist force.

The potential strikes will harm the innocent people of three places at the very least: Iran, Israel, and the United States. It behooves the public and lawmakers the world over to protest the strikes loudly and clearly. If I had his ear, I would say, Mr. President, you will win the election. You have GOP idiocy and inability to put forth a viable candidate on your side. There is no need to kill Iranian children to do it.


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