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        Volume 11 |Issue 14| April 06, 2012 |


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Photo Feature

Shantanu Biswas

The Charms of the Sea Port

The coastal city of Chittagong is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. Home to the largest sea port in the country, Chittagong attracts many international traders, enriching the city with different races, cultures, languages and religions from around the world. The Chittagong Hill Tracts provides a peaceful and scenic respite from the bustling port city. Forests with lush vegetation and wildlife and the surrounding hills are home to eleven different ethnic groups. The traditional market places are moulded into the landscape of the hills and retain an atmosphere that is untouched by modernity and urbanisation. Chittagong is also known for its architectural heritage which include mosques, shrines, dargah and other masonry which date back hundreds of years.

Photos from the exhibition titled “Chitromog Chattala,” which is a part of the “Odommo Chottogram” festival.

Pranabesh Das

Anuja Kumar Barua

Md Shah Newaz Khan

Nazir Uddin Mahmud

M Yousuf Tushar

Md Didarul Alam Chy
Muhammed Shaiful Islam
Md Fakrul Islam
Hasanuzzaman Prince

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