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       Volume 11 |Issue 25| June 22, 2012 |


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Senseless Traffic Management

Although the street from Fakirapul to Shajahanpur intersection is considerably wide, people often get caught in the rush-hour traffic because of long tailbacks. However, compared to some other busy streets of the city, this one remains free of traffic gridlock most of the time.

But in what appears to be an effort to help ease traffic congestion, the authorities have recently placed large plastic dividers on the street to make a separate lane dedicated for rickshaws only. Unfortunately, the lane remains empty throughout the day, because no rickshaw puller drives on that lane. In addition to creating further bottleneck near the busy intersections, the lane also takes up one third of the street's width. I am thankful to The Daily Star for publishing a photograph of this strange phenomenon. Nevertheless, the authorities have recently put on more plastic dividers on the streets connected to Shajahan-pur intersection. As a general public, I only hope that the authorities will be able to see someday that the lanes exclusively dedicated for rickshaws only disrupt traffic flow and worsen congestion. I also hope that they will come up with more effective plans in the future to ease traffic congestion in the city.

Walid Ahmed
Shajahanpur, Dhaka

Chand Mama of Nilphamary

A couple of months ago, I came to know an unusually generous man, who has established an orphanage named Chand Moni at Chowdadangi in Nilphamary district. He is a former banker and has no child of his own. But he has taken the responsibility of many helpless girls.

His wife, who was a teacher, had passed away some years back. The couple had spent their entire life’s savings for the welfare of society's helpless, orphaned and deprived girls. After retiring from his job, he employed himself to the development of the girls through this institution. The girls affectionately call him Chand Mama. The institution gives the girls shelter, ensures their education, and finally makes arrangement for their marriage. In Chand Moni, besides studies, the girls recite poetry, participate in debate competition and other extra curricular activities.

The institution also organises campaigns to raise awareness against early marriage. I was surprised to find such a benevolent institution in Nilphamary. Chand Mama is now 70. He wonders what will happen to the institution in his absence.

I believe that the great philanthropist has set an example for many people. I also hope that more people will come forward to follow his lead.

Md Azam Khan
Uttara Bank Ltd, Barisal

Friend or Foe?

On a weekend, some of my friends and I went to Water Kingdom to spend a day of fun. As we were playing, I noticed a group of young boys poking some of my female friends. We had ignored them and continued playing. However, after a while, during a strong wave of water, a friend of mine accidentally slipped and went deeper underwater and began to drown. Seeing that, I jumped in the water to help her, but unfortunately I also began to drown. Suddenly, I heard a voice: “Bhaiya, amar hat dhorun (Brother, hold my hand).” I held the hand. It was one of the boys who pulled me and my friend out of water and saved us from drowning.

I was saved by one of the boys who were disturbing my female friends. I thanked him.

Mikhael Novo Biswas
Savar, Dhaka


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