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      Volume 11 |Issue 33| August 17, 2012 |


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The TRUE Hero

Naimul Karim

Breathtaking special effects, a heavy 'pounder' (the hero) reaching the most impossible of heights-literally- and of course the unthinkable climax of how a piece of metal can break through the most complexly-coded machines. Yes, that is what super star Annanya has brought with his three super-duper hit films – 'Khuji-The Sarch', 'Hridoy bhanga chele-The Heart Break Kid' and 'Chrishteena- the Gori' that rocked the cinemas country-wide and compelled many critiques to term this period as 'the filmy-revival era'.

“It was his body that stole the show for me,” says 16-year-old Anika Nahwal, apparently referring to his muscles in the unlikeliest of places. The effect that Annanya's physique has had on the country is indeed, awe-inspiring. 18-year-old Amit Khan, Nahwal's boyfriend admits that ever since the couple went to watch Annanya's latest film 'Chrishteena- the Gori', they have been having problems. “It's not how it used to be. Ever since she saw Annanya's charismatic body, she has lost interest in me,” moans Khan.

Positive reviews regarding Annanya's movies poured in from all over the world. So much so that officials from the Warning Brothers, creators of 'The Potter Boy' and Christopher Boland, director of The Brown Knight, came to Dhaka last night to hire the special effects team working for Annanya.

“The effects that were used in the three movies can mark a new era in the field of graphics,” says Boland. “I would have loved it if Batman fought the way Annanya did!” he exclaims. Echoing the legendary director's views, officials from the Warning Brothers were also enthralled with the actor. “We are in talks with the actor. We are planning to restart the 'Potter' series and we would want him to play the lead role.”

Annanya's 'hip' dance moves were also appreciated and in fact started a riot in discos and weddings. Songs from his movies have begun to replace those from traditional Bollywood films that once dominated weddings in this country. “Everybody wants a piece of Annanya nowdays. I keep playing his songs!” claims DJ Buad .

British Bangladeshi choreographer, Akram Kahn, was the latest victim to fall into the 'Annanya' trap. “He's a versatile dancer and moves like the wind! I would definitely want to work with him if given the opportunity,” exclaims Kahn.

With so much going on for Anannya, it won't be a surprise if his upcoming movie 'You're most O WellCome' breaks all previous records and perhaps even gets an entry into the Oscars the foreign and Strange Film Category! And much like characters he plays in his movies, who perform 720 degree summersaults to avoid a thousand bullets, it seems like nothing can 'eshtop' the country's hero.


All places, characters, institutions and events described in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or institution living or dead is purely coincidental.


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