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      Volume 11 |Issue 34| August 31, 2012 |


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Blog-wise BUET


One hears that some government aides have floated the notion that after JU, if the BUET VC and PVC are removed, the government's standing will be damaged. If true, nothing could be further from the truth, as the continuing standoff is worsening the situation and belittling the ruling AL, for which the aides and the BUET VC/PVC must shoulder the blame. It is better for all concerned if the error of appointing them is accepted and the advisors who advocated for their appointments are brought to book at party level.

BUETians have named their arena of esprit de corps of the past three months as Tahrir Square for reasons as obvious as the ouster of Mubarak; if only other Hosnis would take heed.

A DS editorial on the matter put those against the VC and PVC at an estimated more than 50% and even then found it justified for the two to stand down, but even Assad fails to understand the deaths of Syrians in their scores.

The indecency of some Bangla blogs will not pass my editor, but the English status from social networks should give the government enough handle to bat the two for six, and out of the park. Here are some excerpts from some of the more polite comments:

“Most of the students do not want to see someone like Nazrul as a VC, who can ask the medical officer to provide false medical certificates for two political cadres and later use that to change their results.

“There is a big list of allegation against the VC and most of them are serious.

“They should get together and kick these two culprits (VC & Pro-Vc) out of the University campus.

“All the students should unite and throw these two idiots (VC & Pro-VC) out of the campus.

“Today yet another immoral and fraudulent attempt to stop our ethical movement has come to light: The unfit BUET administration has filed a General Diary with the local thana against two of our respected teachers.

“Social boycott of the VC & the PVC & their lackeys should unfortunately be manifested during Eid, when the avowed solidarity of BUET teachers should compel them to seek Allah swt's blessings at a separate jamaat.

“In the past this so-called Awami Leaguer VC Nazrul Islam and PVC HabiburRahman and DSW AminulHaque organised the 15 August programme on 20 August at 4pm, (although 15 August was a national holiday) and we teachers received the notice at our campus house at 2.30pm on 20 August.

“I think this guy is also getting a lot of money from godfathers to destroy the reputation of BUET. If this continues better students will not be interested about BUET in the near future. Many private university owners are these businessmen-godfathers, who will easily exploit this opportunity.

“Nahid Shaheb, listen to your conscience, this country will respect you. A patriotic citizen is much bigger than a minister. If you cannot deal with Prof Nazrul, then it is you who should resign.

“His (current VC) statement (to sell BUET) proves that he lost the credibility to hold the post

“No movement can be stopped by a lawsuit; just as Bangabandhu could not be stopped by the AgartalaMamla.

“If 100 teachers and 1000 students protested, the Dhaka University VC would not be able to find an escape route. The protest of more than 350 (BUET) teachers and 3000 students went in vain. The definition of democracy has suddenly changed.

“The movement of the BUET students-teachers is not for salary and facilities, but for the reputation of BUET. It is not against any individual, it is against anarchy and transgression.

“After admission into BUET, I used to say two things to everyone: 1.There is no session jam in BUET, 2. There is no politics in BUET. After leaving I see that BUET is now rotting because of session jam and politics. Should we have to forget the pride of being a BUETian?

“Theirs is a glaring example of how spineless souls can ruin the image of a political party by taking uncalled-for biased action that was not necessary. There are thousand many ways to remain loyal to a party, if that be the call of the day, other than by blindly bending the book, because they forget that the law that they flout is framed among others by the offices of the President (also Chancellor) and the PM. The best form of loyalty is to enhance the image of the President and the PM, which I believe is the unwritten ToR for all appointments. Alas! If only the BUET VC/PVC would realise.”

Any gentleman worth his salt would have voluntarily descended from his godknowing that his colleagues/students have no confidence in him. Persons favoured by the government are now embarrassing the government.

Victims in this BUET episode, a typically Bangladeshi syndrome: students, university, our education system, Awami League, government, and country.

Winners: All, if the two are removed.



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