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       Volume 11 |Issue 37| September 21, 2012 |


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Star Diary

Noise Pollution at Night

Some people blast music all night in some parts of the city. It doesn't occur to anybody that such loud noise can actually be a matter of life and death to other people. A few days ago, my mother got seriously ill because of incessant noise pollution near our apartment. I saw that my mother was a little sick when I came home early in the evening to study. Before entering our building, I saw some heavy musical instruments stacked in front of a neighbour's house. Apparently they were going to have a party on the roof later at night. After a short while, loud speakers started to roar in the building. My mother, an elderly person, was in no position to tolerate that level of noise. She asked me to go to the owner of that house and tell him to do something about it. I did what she said, but it was all in vain. My mother's health worsened at night as the music grew even louder. I didn't sleep at all that night. I just wondered if we have any authority that cares about noise pollution in the residential areas.

Imran Khan
Jagannath University, Dhaka

Bangladeshi doctors!

With deep sadness I have to say that the medical system in our country is disgraceful. Recently, my brother went to the United States of America for his studies. He had go through some medical tests which were conducted by the so-called experienced doctors in reputed hospitals. For many days, we had to suffer the unbearable traffic gridlocks to go to Baridhara for his tests. Finally, after spending a lot of money, we found that my brother was suffering from Tuberculosis (TB). My family was really depressed.

My brother was advised to refrain from going to America, because TB spreads quickly. Later, he contacted the University's helpline. He told them what happened here, and thankfully, they responded positively. They insisted that he should go there and continue his studies while they will find a way to cure him.

Meanwhile he started taking all the medicines advised by the doctors. On August 8, this year, he went to the US and consulted the doctors there. To be on the safe side, the doctors went through the tests again. Surprisingly, they found that he was completely fine. The American doctors told my brother to sue the Bangladeshi doctors. After that, my brother decided to study pharmacy and shifted his course from engineering. He wishes to help the sick people of Bangladesh after graduating rather than stealing their money.

Bilkis Jahan Chowdhury Khushboo
Coventry, UK

No Home for Jibonananda Das

Last week, I went to the place where the great poet Jibonananda Das once resided. I wanted to get to know the poet who wished to return to his motherland in another life. While going to Barisal, I asked people about the poet, but I was surprised to find that most of them don't know anything about him.

Before going there, I pictured a lot in my mind. I wanted to see the places that induced the great poet to compose some outstanding poems about the beauty of our evergreen country. I thought the premises where the poet lived would be preserved. But it's not. There is only a library in the name of the poet. Moreover, it remains open for the public only for an hour in the afternoon.

Everytime I went to visit the library, it was locked. I looked for somebody who could help me go to the poet's residence. Finally, I learned about the place where the poet lived his isolated life. The poet was Professor of English in Barisal BM College. But he was fond of writing poems in seclusion. The people of the region at that time didn't realise his genius.

The place where he lived is now possessed by others. A building has been constructed where his wooden hut was once located. I don't know how the poet would feel if he returns to his motherland as he wished in his verses.

Md Azam Khan
Uttara Bank Ltd
Barisal Branch

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