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      Volume 11 |Issue 42| October 26, 2012 |


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Star Diary

Cool Teacher

The other day in class our professor suddenly said there was a pop quiz on the last chapter we had covered and then he distributed the sheets on which we were supposed to do the test. We were all quite scared as most of us were unprepared for it but there was little we could do. I may mention our professor is the strict kind who never smiles and hardly gives an A. Suddenly I heard someone say: "Is this a joke?" To our amazement we found that the question paper had the most strange questions: Do you think you are really learning anything in this university or is this just another scam to make money? Give valid arguments (20 marks); Are you planning to pursue anyone in your class? If so explain how you will go about it? (30 marks). It was the most bizarre test we had ever been handed out and this was for our Strategy and Policy Class. We asked our professor if this was the right test and he boomed: "Of Course! Why are you wasting time?". So we did answer the questions and all throughout the man didn't even smirk. It was very unnerving. But the best part was - the next day he gave back our quizzes and we had all received an A!

Bluish University

Haven't We Met Before?

Last week I was invited to a reception of the founding day of a certain country. There were many people there and it seemed to me that I knew most of them. But when I gave them salaam they either ignored me or politely returned the salaam but without really acknowledging who I was. It was then that it struck me - these people were wellknown politicians, experts and hosts I had seen on TV! Being a bit obsessed with television I tend to see all the talk shows, drama serials and news of our local channels. So I feel like I know these people. But of course they do not know a poor soul like me, hence the confused greetings that came my way. What a fool I am!

Lailee Banoo

Crocodile Tears

I was on a visit to my aunt's who stays in Gulshan and whose husband is very rich - he owns several tanneries as well as a few granaries. When I went there she was watching her favourite serial and I was aghast to see her crying profusely. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her nose was all red. I asked the maid who was sitting on the floor trying to watch the serial too, why my aunt was crying. The little girl smiled a little and turned her face away, I think she was laughing. Then I asked my aunt what had happeed - and she said : "Rahul has just come out of a coma but he doesn't know his own mother!" I realised she was talking about the character in the drama serial and was both relieved and disturbed. More so because the next moment she was screaming at the maid : "Khali chance pele TV dekhos na? Ja akhan thinke, amar ar bhaiyar cha niye ay" (Watching na, every chance you get na? Get lost and go get us some tea). It was quite a show, I must say how this woman could change so drastically, from a weeping willow to a hissing snake was certainly something to see. I really think my aunt should be in these serials herself. What an actor!



All places, characters, institutions and events described in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or institution living or dead is purely coincidental.

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