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      Volume 11 |Issue 42| October 26, 2012 |


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What he said: "The last investigation revealed that Fakhruddin is a foreign citizen."
What he meant: Fakhruddin is actually an illegal immigrant who crossed the border hidden in a goat cart.
home minister
on the dubious immigration status of the chief of the last caretaker government.

What he said: "I am a man of white (pure) heart. That is why I wear white clothes the entire day. I always try to keep my mind clean. I am not involved in Hall-Mark scam."
What he meant: My new washing machine works great and was worth every paisa of the 4,000 crores!
former director of Sonali Bank
on allegations of corruption against him

What he said: "In reality I am now living in a Gulag. Once upon a time in Russia, unwanted people were exiled to a Gulag. I was also being sent to a Gulag."
What he meant: Uff! Next week I'm going on an all-expense paid trip to the US and it's just like being sent to a Siberian labour camp. Life is really tough!
the PM's Economic Affairs advisor
after sources in the government said that the adviser had gone on leave to meet the World Bank's last condition for revival of the Padma Bridge loan, shortly before accompanying the PM to the United Nations General Assembly in New York

What he said: "I will be the real game changer at the next election."
What he meant: I learnt my lesson in 1990. This time round, I'll be more discreet when I woo the queens.
Jatiyo Party Chairman
on the possibility that he would be the deciding factor in forming the next government

What he said:" Are you pom Gana? You think Bangla chhobi hero means they are uneducated? You are living Bangladesh, ok, man, you have to respecting Bangladesh because you are eating food from Bangladesh."
What he meant: the Star editorial staff was not able to decipher what Ananta meant. Even Ananta did not know what he meant.
Dhallywood action hero
to a group of youngsters who recognised him at a restaurant

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