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      Volume 11 |Issue 43| November 02, 2012 |


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"If the state withdraws the two cases against Limon, then Limon's mother, too, has to withdraw her case. That's only natural."
District Commissioner, Jhalokathi
Offering Limon Hossain the chance to lead a normal life if he agrees to not follow legal recourse for the injustice committed against him by the state.

"The way Shahjahan Khan as a Minister threatened our party's Standing Committee Member Rafiqul Islam Mia, we think, is tantamount to violation of freedom of speech. We strongly condemn the Shipping Minister's conduct."
BNP Spokesperson
About Shahjahan Khan's crass comments during a live talk show. Apparently, Shajahan Khan threatened to gouge Rafiqul Islam Mia's eyes out.

"I didn't do anything wrong during the talk show... The moderator asked him not to interrupt me when I spoke. Even then he screamed, Sheikh Hasina is a thief, government is a thief. He kept on repeating that. So then I said you can talk later. Then he called me stupid. If someone calls you stupid, it is natural to get angry. Later I heard he had said, stop it. But because of the screaming, I had heard, stupid."
Shipping Minister
About BNP leader Rafiqul Islam Mia with whom he was on a talk show. The moderator was forced to wrap up the live programme because their arguments got too rowdy and indecent words were exchanged.

"If they [Dr Kamal and B Chowdhury] are making the move for creating an environment for another 1/11 in the country and another 1/11 like government, it will be very bad for the country… the Awami League will use its full strength against the move."
AL General Secretary and LRGD Minister
In response to the alliance forged by Dr Kamal Hossain and Prof Badruddoza Chowdhury.

"When in power, they [BNP] flatter India but as the opposition side they are always against India... I think the visit is pointless."
Foreign Minister
About Khaleda Zia's seven-day official visit on invitation from the Indian government

"Those who bought Destiny shares are such big fools. [They] gave one lakh taka sitting in Paltan, and Destiny said, we're giving one lakh trees in Rangamati."
Prominent Advocate
About Destiny clients


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