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      Volume 11 |Issue 51| December 28, 2012 |


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Is it?


There it was; his smile wide enough to assure you that it is he who would have the last laugh.

Is he a politician? No! Funny you should ask that.

Is there any special reason for his wide smile? Yes! He is on the brink of political stardom.

Is he a familiar face? No! Not really. No one knows him, as yet.

Is that also possible? Well, he is known amongst his friends, relatives, business acquaintances, and his bankers.

Is he gaining the required recognition for embarking on politics? Well, yes! Much due to the slow traffic, people have been compelled to study his facial texture, his imported suit, and his teeth, all being carried on the back of buses and trucks.

Is he a natural leader? Yes! He is somewhat of a leader in his business circle. They have enough grooming through annual elections in over a dozen chambers and associations.

Is it the same as leading people in a political system? No! But most business people like to think so.

Is he a potential candidate to acquire (read buy) a political position? Yes! He has the money.

Is he experienced in party politics? No! But he has been donating to their cause ever since they found out he has money.

Is he trained for politics? Of course! He reads the newspaper, regularly.

Is he well versed with all shades of media opinion? Don't be silly! He has his own newspaper.

Is there any reason for his coming into the political fray? Yes! He has the khayesh to make more money.

Is politics not going to take a lot of his time? No! Once engraved in the mind of the people as a politician, they do everything but involve in the affairs of the state.

Is politics then a gainful occupation? Yes, the very best.

Is that true for only the party in government? Nahhhh… It works for anyone who smells of politics even if he is not involved in politics.

Is it true that winners take all? In a very roundabout way, yes!

Isn't there little or no scope for the opposition? Wrong. Those who oppose everything that the government does or say also demand money from the well-to-do with assurance to multiply the amount 'Destiny' style when they come to power.

Is it not a probability that some of them may never be in the government? Yes, but they work on the fear factor. Maybe… just maybe… and if they really do and you did not pay…OMG, I am shuddering even at the thought of the cold option.

Is that why the gold post at the end of the rainbow is so attractive to newbies? Not necessarily, it works at all levels.

Is it drawing older people too? The vimrati is more extreme past fifty.

Is the situation open only to men? There is nothing anymore open only to men, not even men.

Is politics today then all about money? You took your time.

Is it engaging money that is tucked away in a bank? No, never.

Is it safe for people with raw (read kutcha) money? A safer rubber stamp has not been made.

Is it not a self-defeating exercise to join politics? On the contrary, instead of being harassed and compelled to donate fund to soliciting politicians, he is now 'registered' to say, 'please contribute to my fund and my party fund so that I and we may serve you well'. (Correction: Normally they do not use the word,' please'.)

Is it true that many politicians have no known source of income? Yes.

Is it true that in many countries they have laws against such foul practices? Yes.

Is it correct that we more often than not fail to put into practice our legislation? Yes.

Is it right that our wrongs emerge from such malpractice? Yes.

Is it a reality that nepotism creeps in at critical times? Yes.

Is there no way out of this quagmire? Yes, there is.

Is raising awareness one of them? Yes.

Is putting the crook politicians behind bars likely to send the right message? Yes.

Is it then that they start barking that they are victims of political vendetta? Yes.

Is that why they are into politics in the first place? Yes.

Is that why the neo-politician is pictured with such a big grin? Yes.

Is it certain that he will have the last laugh? No.


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