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       Volume 11 |Issue 51| December 28, 2012 |


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"Whenever she is in power she becomes pro-India and while in opposition she is anti-India. This time during her India visit she totally forgot about the Tipai Mukh Dam and the border killings and spent her time sweet- talking. She went there only to butter them up."
prime minister
about opposition leader Khaleda Zia's India visit

"The country's image has been destroyed through bribery even before the construction of Padma bridge. Why are the Abuls excluded? The fact is the government knows that some bigwigs' name would come up [in the Padma bridge graft allegation] if Abul's name was included [in the case]."
Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson and opposition leader
criticising Anti-Corruption Commission's decision to not file cases against former communication minister Abul Hossain and state minister of foreign affairs Abul Hasan Chowdhury.

"Because of you I have become a world famous man. There have been discussions, criticisms, poems, recitations, cartoons about me — what have you left unsaid? You will find out what Abul Hossain is on the Judgment Day."
former communication minister
about his alleged involvement in the Padma Bridge graft and the criticism he received from different quarters.

"I tell you, when I am relatively free, I would like to conduct a training course on economic reporting."
finance minister
criticising economic reporting in Bangladesh media.

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