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       Volume 12 |Issue 01| January 04, 2013 |


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"Someone had been employed to record the conversation or they might have bought Ahmed Ziauddin."
attorney general
about the hacked skype conversation between former war crime tribunal chairman Justice Nizamul Huq and a Belgium-based Bangladeshi legal expert, Ahmed Ziauddin.

"You have read in newspapers that nobody wants the two female leaders. My regime was better than theirs. Now come and support me, I will return us to the golden age."
chairman, Jatiya Party
on occasion of the 27th anniversary of the Jatiya Party

"Soon we will manage to get a better team to tour Pakistan than Bangladesh."
chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board
about Bangladesh Cricket Board's decision to not send the Bangladeshi cricket team to Pakistan for a second time due to security concerns.

"When the committee was formed in 2003, I was a student. Later I married and became a father. Members of the upazilla committee are engaged in different professions. More or less everyone has become fathers. As a result, many tease Chhatra League by calling it “The Father's League”. Out of embarrassment, I resigned last September 24, [2012]."
senior co-chairman, Rangpur Badarganj Upazilla Chhatra League
about the age of the members of his group who are supposed to be students.

"There is no effectiveness in the formula given by a failed person. It will also fail."
prime minister
about Dr Akbar Ali's formulae for an interim government to hold the upcoming election.

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