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       Volume 12 |Issue 02| January 11, 2013 |


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"The large number of women health workers or school teachers has actually helped them [Bangladesh] to overtake India in every aspect of the Human Development Index."
nobel laureate
praising Bangladesh's performance in improving gender equality compared to India.

"The garment factory owners are yet to become humans. They are still owners of garment industries."
chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on labour and employment ministry
criticising Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association's (BGMEA) probe report on November 24 fire at Tazreen Fashions which killed 112 workers.

"Handcuffs with 'police' engraved on it are available for sale in the market. It is assumed that criminals have made use of this opportunity."
additional police super, Kustia
about the handcuffs found on the hands of the dead body of murdered BNP leader Rafiqul Islam Majumdar, who was allegedly arrested by RAB; his dead body was found last Saturday.

"There is no room for backdoor discussion. There can be only open discussion and that too has to be on election under a nonpartisan and neutral regime. We do not have time for chitchat neither do we have the mentality to talk with them."
opposition leader and chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)
about discussion with the ruling party on the current political stalemate regarding election.

"You have said the World Bank asked me not to work. You have said I am guilty. Now if I am not guilty and you know it, you also write it."
prime minister's economic affairs advisor
urging the media to speak on his behalf so that he can return to his duty. Rahman, currently on leave for his alleged involvement in the Padma Bridge graft as part of World Bank condition for reconsideration of the loan, was not sued by the Ant-Corruption Commission.

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