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       Volume 12 |Issue 03| January 18, 2013 |


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"They (opposition) want to stop the trial of war criminals, they want to establish the war criminals in society and this is the principal job of the opposition."
prime minister
criticising the BNP led opposition alliance.

"Firing can take place only for self-defense. The recent shooting took place for self-defense."
home minister
about BSF (Indian Border Security Force) firing at the India Bangladesh border.

"The ACC's argument that including Minister Hossain in the FIR would cause a political uproar was deeply disturbing to the Panel."
chairman, External Panel of Experts, World Bank
in a letter to the Anti Corruption Commission expressing their opinion about ACC's argument for excluding former communications minister Syed Abul Hossain's from the list of accused in the Padma Bridge graft.

"The World Bank's external panel had neither expressed 'happiness' nor 'unhappiness' in its letter written to the anti-graft body."
Anti-Corruption Commission chairman
about the letter sent by World Bank's external panel to ACC commenting on the FIR filed by ACC against the accused of the Padma Bridge graft.

"If you talk about corruption, the entire world, the United States has no corruption? Where does this Great Breakdown (financial crisis) come from? It started exactly from the world, the United States. When I was interviewed in the US, people asked me, I said the same thing."
martial art star
calling the US the 'most corrupt' country in the world during a recent interview on a Hong Kong television show.

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