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    Volume 12 |Issue 05| February 01, 2013 |


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Star Diary


I attended a wedding last week where an amusing incident occurred. I arrived late and sat at a table next to a group of youngsters, three young men and two women, all of whom were dressed smartly; the women looked parlour finished and perfect. As I ate silently, they started speaking amongst themselves softly, but I overheard most of the conversation. From what they were saying I realised they were wedding crashers who had gone to two other random wedding events that evening and had chosen this one to eat at because it had the best menu. I was astounded at how much trouble they went through to eat free food, which they can obviously afford judging from their attire. I suppose this is a new thrill among youngsters that I don't understand but it seemed pretty ridiculous to me!

Arshad Zafri

Surprising Myself

A few days ago, I was on my way to work when a beggar came up to my car window and started banging on it really loudly, demanding money. I had no change and tried to ignore him but he was persistent. Despite my attempts to explain to him that I had nothing for him, he kept on banging. At one point he got so angry that he started swearing at me in the most atrocious language I have ever heard. I started at him helplessly not knowing what to do but when I looked into his eyes, I saw desperation so heart wrenching I couldn't bear it. I handed him a five hundred Taka note and felt a strange sort of relief once I had done it. His smile was worth seeing. I think that sometimes, we are so busy getting annoyed at these beggars knocking on our windows that we forget why they do it, why they are persistent, no matter how badly we behave. I know I won't be doing this all the time, but it felt great.

Shamima Rahim

Being Considerate

I went to the Star Cineplex at Bashundhara City to watch the new James Bond movie. Inside the theatre, which is quite nice by Bangladeshi standards, I noticed that the seats were dirty and the floor was sticky from spilt drinks and littered with food and tissues. It made me really sad to see how ill maintained this place was and how little consideration people had for something nice while all the while complaining there is nowhere decent to go to spend time in Dhaka. I hope that in the future, the management will look into this matter and make sure the place is cleaned up properly after each show. I also hope that visitors are more respectful towards others and do not litter.

Bushra Ahmad
Motijheel, Dhaka

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