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       Volume 12 |Issue 04| February 01, 2013 |


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"This was published in a particular process… please you make an inquiry to see if there is any ill motive or purpose behind it."
prime minister
About the publication of a letter sent by the World Bank to the Anti-Corruption Commission even before the commission, the finance ministry or the PM herself got it.

"Dr Yunus has made all the arrangements to destroy Grameen Bank."
finance minister
about the Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus.

"I have an advice for her. It will be better if she gave up her World Bank job and joined politics here."
finance minister
about World Bank Country Director Ellen Goldstein after her comment that people of Bangladesh expressed their gratitude for her strong stance against corruption.

"He [Harun] did the right thing by obstructing the opposition chief whip. His job was to prevent anarchy and he did it successfully."
home minister
about awarding Harun-ur-Rashid, DC of Lalbagh division in the capital, who had assaulted the opposition chief whip during hartal hours, with President Police Medal.

"There has been negativity and anti-US feelings in Pakistan because of this. The feeling is that Pakistan has been used as a tissue paper by the US ... So people in Pakistan suspect the intentions of US."
Pakistan's cricketer-turned-politician
about the mistrust between the US and Pakistan.

"The problem won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die."
Japanese finance minister
about elderly people so that the state can be relieved of the pressure to pay for medical care of the elderly.

"They are not from Bangladesh Chhatra League…. Those seen in newspapers running with shackles applied for Chhatra League membership, but they were not given."
prime minister
about pictures published in newspaper where BCL activists were seen brandishing weapons in violent incidents.



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