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      Volume 12 |Issue 06| February 08, 2013 |


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Outpouring of Youthful Innocence


No sooner had the verdict in six cases against Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Mollah been announced February 5, the social networks, thronged mainly by the youth, were inundated with comments that ranged from rejection to disappointment.

High tension had been built up by Jamaat's call for dawn-to-dusk hartal on the day of the judgement Tuesday that was preceded by weeks of police bashing by the party that was against the trial of 12 persons charged with crimes against humanity during our War of Liberation 1971.

An abetter in many crimes, profiled by him pictured with (read: supporting) Pakistan general Niazi when Bangalees in occupied Bangladesh were at war with Pakistan for emancipation, Abdul Quader was put on trial for killing Mirpur Bangla College student Pallab on April 5, 1971, poet Meherunnesa, her mother and two brothers on March 27, 1971 and journalist Khandaker Abu Taleb on March 29, 1971; for committing genocide at Ghatarchar on November 25, 1971 and at Alubdi village on April 24, 1971 and for killing Hazrat Ali Lasker and his family members at Mirpur on the evening of March 26, 1971.

Within the first hour reaction by active young bloggers to the judgement included: (most translated from original in Bangla)

“Heard the verdict; although I am burning inside, am not surprised. There is no reason to believe the government – the court also runs at the government's directive. Polluted ethics. This is an acid test, more tests ahead.”

“Very well then, after a few days a judgement may come giving Sayedee three years and Golam Azam free!! Circus!!”

“Selukas, how strange is this land! Dudok gives clean certificate to biswa thief… and they give permit/license to killers…”

“Death sentence is a small punishment for the killer of 400 people. And they have given life imprisonment? Now the ***** will have food sitting in the jail at the expense of the people of free Bangladesh. I do not accept this ruling.”

“Disappointed! Judiciary today is scared of the vulture! Today you-I-all-of-us are pawns in the game for state power. What will some of my blind Awami Leaguer friends now say? BNP/Jamaat leaning friends, do not jump in joy, we will do the judgement, the party that will hang them, from today I am a member of that party, my method now is one – hanging of rajakars, banning Jamaat-Shibir.”

“Advance congrats (hate) to next Minister Quader Mollah.... (Shame to the prosecutors).”

“Why has life term been given to this ***? Grant unconditional release to this *** now. We will strike him on the street to implement the death penalty. If the Awami League cannot do it, we will show that the people's court is more effective...

“Keeping them safe in the name of trial, keeping them in luxury, Golam Azam coming to the court premises riding on the shoulder of policemen, finish this game. End these dramas. Let them lose on the streets …”

“How much do we have to tolerate! Hai hujuge Bangalee! We are getting the stick.”

“I have rejected this verdict, with hate and anger from my heart…”

“I am disappointed.”

“Sarkar got scared? What was the need for this mockery?

“Rape, murder by firing, killing entire family, killing by slaughtering and mass murder. The punishment for proving these five crimes beyond doubt is life imprisonment!!! The entire country waited 42 years to be insulted in this way!!! Shame…”

“Perhaps we have to fight another war to get them hanged. Rise the dependent people of this independent land. Some may question how we are 'dependent'. Had we been independent we would not have to hear this sort of judgement. ”

“We have given that human animal many opportunities. The air of Bangladesh is polluted by his breath. But this cannot be allowed any more. The time has come to uproot the parasites.”

“Under no circumstances can this judgement be accepted. Now Jamaat will organise victory parade. We are ready to come out on to the street to demand their hanging.”

“I do not accept this judgement. You have brought to book the killer of your father. And you have compromised with the killer of the father of another to stay in power”.

The fact is the prosecution failed against Abdul Quader.

The fact is Jamaat has called for a second day of hartal protesting even the life imprisonment verdict.

The fact is the struggle goes on.



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