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Saturday, October 26, 2013

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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Once again, it is the BCL

Not warnings but severe action is called for

The destructive activities of the Chhatra League go on unabated. After some very recent incidents of BCL cadres engaging in vandalism and interfering in the routine work of educational institutions, we now have news that violence resorted to by workers of the organization have forced the authorities of Rajshahi New Model Degree College to suspend admissions to first year classes. The story in this instance is similar to the ones we have come across earlier: BCL men have demanded a quota for themselves, in a clear flouting of the rules, in the matter of new admissions. As before, the rejection of such a demand aroused the wrath of these young elements, to a point where they ended up destroying desks and other property of the college. The sense of outrage we as a people feel can only be imagined.

We would like to note that the government has at every available opportunity assured the nation that whoever takes the law in his hands will be dealt with severely. The bitter truth is that such assurances have been followed by precious little action, leading citizens to conclude that beyond a mouthful of words the authorities are not willing or able to bring these elements to heel. And this failure is clearly proving costly for the ruling party. While the government has been coming down hard on violent elements that do not identify with its politics, that are indeed linked to other parties, its failure to take similar action against its own followers is giving out the bad, and quite justified, impression that when it comes to dealing with its own its professions of toughness suddenly and inexplicably go lax. Obviously, such a public impression has a corrosive side to it in that it is the credibility of the ruling party that comes into question. On a bigger scale, the wanton manner in which the Chhatra League has been conducting its activities increasingly threatens to undercut our fledgling democracy and in the ability of the political classes to bring about the change they promised the nation before the general elections of December 2008. It is giving rise to a feeling that a culture of impunity is at work and unless it is checked decisively, a dangerous precedent will be set for the country.

We would like to remind the prime minister, the home minister, indeed the government as a whole that unless tough action is taken against the violent elements of the Chhatra League, it will be the very image of the ruling party that will be damaged. The all-embracing truth in politics is that good deeds are often cancelled out by the presence of a few bad eggs in the basket. Let the government take note that if it does not put the leash on its young followers, there will be the inevitable ramifications -- and not necessarily cheering ones.

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Very important issue. Campus violence is increasing every day and now entering in more sensative areas. The role of the govt. to stop BCL activitist is becoming questionable; where lies their weakness ? I have two humble suggestions:

a. A special cabinet committee comprosed of 3-4 senior ministers reputed to be above party bias and has indepth knowledge of intricacy of campus politics especially the BCL operatuon, and to performe as watch dog and suggest ways and means to prevent the BCL activist from performing anti-social activities to the government.

b The educational institution can be empowered to suspend campus politics for a specefic period irrespective of any party affiliated.

Those two organs can cooperate and coordinate their findings and action plan for execution- direct action or recommendation to the government depending on the type and scale of the wrong doing.

I know it is easy to write but difficult to implement. Nevertheless, the government and the society as a whole can not ignore the fact what is happening today under the banner of campus politics.

: faqrul usa

It is a kick in the teeth when news of BCLs ghastly activities appear in newspaper over and over again and the Government doing virtually nothing to keep their image uplifted. Its my advice to the governance to consider the matter with extreme priority starting with controlling criminal activities of BCL showing zero tolerance. We want to make it clear that the support of general population can be twisted as it always did in the past should the ruling party criminals not given exemplary punishment.

: Ashamed of being an ex BCL member
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