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Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Friday, June 18, 2010
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Catching up with Hasan Masud

Hasan Masud is a familiar face to the TV viewers in Bangladesh. Many of his serials and TV plays are being aired on ATN Bangla, Banglavision, ntv and Rtv. The actor is also busy with new TV serials and single-episode plays.

Masud's "Khunshuti" and "Graduate" are being aired on ntv, "Ranger Duniya" is on air on Banglavision and "Amader Shangshar," "Batasher Ghor" on ATN Bangla.

"Recently I made a trip to USA and attended the Dhaliwood Award, which was held at Manhattan. During the trip, I've shot for a serial "Ana Ana Pai Pai," directed by Farhad Hossain.

Masud's most popular performances are in "Bachelor," "69," "House Full," "Taxi Driver," "FDC" and "Bou".

Asked if he is considering direction, the actor said, "I have no intension to direct a film or play. As a professional actor, I should think about only acting. I like losing myself in a character and want to act in diverse roles. My plan is to continue in this field till the last day of my life."

Masud also sings pretty well and one of his albums was released in 2007. "I've received a warm response for the album. I've done playback for the film 'Common Gender,' which was directed by Noman Robin. I hope the audiences will like it."

Masud has a keen interest in photography. "Since childhood, I have been taking snaps. It is my passion. I am always searching for interesting subjects."

About his initiation to acting, he said, "When I was working for The Daily Star in 2003, Mostafa Sarwar Farooki offered me a role in his film 'Bachelor.' The editor of the newspaper, encouraged me to pursue acting at that time."

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I worked in the paper for eight and a half years. still the mistake on my name is on :-(

: Hasan Masood
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