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Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Sunday, October 30, 2011
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In perfect sync

Heart to heart with Aupee Karim and Masud Hasan Ujjol

Photo courtesy: Abu Taher Aakash

On September 2, the ravishing star of theatre and small screen, Aupee Karim, tied the knot with TV play director Masud Hasan Ujjol.

The newlyweds recently shared some tidbits about their lives on and off camera. Some snippets:

Which was your first work under Ujjol's direction?

Aupee: The 2007 TV play "Chhayaferi".

How well did you know each other at the time?

Ujjol: At that time we had a very formal acquaintance, which eventually developed into friendship. The colour of my love is black and white. I am not at that age where people go to parks and eat peanuts on romantic dates.

Aupee: We didn't have a romantic relationship. Ujjal proposed to me last March and I took some time to consult my family. The wedding was finalised after both families had given their nods.

Was the wedding ceremony a small and intimate one?

Ujjol: Maybe it feels good to spend millions on a wedding, but it doesn't go with my ideals. I left the responsibility of organising the ceremony to my family. I could hardly exclude my loved ones from the wonderful celebrations.

Aupee: I think wedding ceremonies should be intimate.

What sparked your interest in each other?

Ujjol: She is a smart woman and a brilliant artiste. I was looking for someone like her who would be a friend on my path in the creative world.

Aupee: Many have asked me how Ujjal is as a person. I can only answer that question after a year.

What do you two discuss most?

Ujjol: Art, literature and architecture.

What are your immediate plans?

Aupee: No immediate plan, as I still need a year to complete my Masters. I look forward to spending three or four months in the country, before leaving in January for my internship. We will begin planning, once my studies are over.

Ujjol: At this moment, I don't plan to make further TV plays unless everything is in my favour.

Did you travel anywhere after your marriage?

Ujjol: Aupee is the more outgoing of the two of us. But her enthusiasm in travelling has made me interested in visiting places. We will head out somewhere as soon we get the chance.

How would you evaluate Ujjol as a director?

Aupee: The best thing about his work is that it's distinguishable from others' works. From the scripting process to the airing of the play, everything is unique. Watching his direction is like travelling to another world.

Ujjol: I'm completely into my work when shooting is on.

What other creative facets of Ujjol do you like?

Aupee: I love his poems. He is not writing much nowadays but I wish from the bottom of my heart that he would write more. I like them better than his plays.

Your opinion on Aupee's works?

Ujjol: Every aspect of her is good, whether it be modelling, dancing or acting.

Any comments on Aupee work on stage?

Ujjol: I first saw Aupee on stage in the play "Opekkhoman". That really impressed me.

Do you two watch movies together?

Aupee: Definitely.

Ujjol: Sometimes I doze off while watching a movie and Aupee continues watching.

What about music?

Ujjol: Sometimes I play the guitar and she listens.

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