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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Thursday, December 15, 2011
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Victory Day Specials on TV

"Aguner Chhaya" on BTV

There are many untold stories about the courageous freedom fighters who have never come to the public eye. The TV play "Aguner Chhaya" to be aired on BTV on Victory Day at 8pm, is set against the backdrop of such a rural family, back in 1971. The play focuses on a farmer couple. Against the will of her husband, Hawa Bibi, joins the freedom fighters, while her husband joins the Pakistan occupation forces and their local cohorts, the razakars. Gathering all her courage, at one point she raises the flag of Bangladesh atop her roof one day. Her bravery strengthens the morale of several other freedom fighters in the village. At this point the storyline takes a dramatic turn.

Written by Mannan Hira and directed by Awwal Chowdhury, the cast includes Jhuna Chowdhury, Farzana Chhobi, Hafizur Rahman Sharuj and Rawnak Hasan. The protagonist Farzana Chhobi says, "I feel privileged to have been a part of the TV play on our freedom struggle. We worked the entire night during the shooting and I was even hurt by a hatchet during the shooting, but that did not deter us from work. We all felt honoured to be a part of the team."

Single-episode play "Flashback" on ntv

Single-episode play "Flashback" will be aired on ntv at 9pm on December 16. The play is directed jointly by Imraul Rafat and Mabrur Rashid Bannah. The latter has also written the play.

The story of the play revolves around a rock music group. It features five members, all of whom are concerned about their own goals rather than the country. Nevertheless, they are dedicated to their musical practice. Once they decide to submit a song for a mixed album. But to their utter disbelief, the producer refuses to include the song.

The consequence results in utter frustration. But the tea stall owner of their neighbourhood inspires them to rise to the challenge.

The cast includes Tisha, Aly Zaker, Abul Hayat and Kalyan.

Musical and recitation programme on Banglavision

Banglavision will air a special musical and recitation programme featuring patriotic songs and poems on December 16 at 6:25pm. Titled "Aajonmo Mrittu", the programme will feature reputed and young artistes.

Reputed singer Abdul Jabbar will sing the popular number, "Salam Salam Hajar Salam". Talented singer Nancy will render two songs -- "Shob Kota Janala" and "Ek Nodi Rakto Periye".

Poet Asad Chowdhury will host the programme. Apart from his role as a host, the poet will also recite poems. Shakila Matin is the other featured reciter at the programme.

Mamun Khan is the producer of the programme.

"Kohinoor '71" on Desh TV

Bangladesh was devastated by the Liberation War. Despite being an independent country, it floated on tides of uncertainty. During these troubled times, a child was found on the streets -- no one willing to take her responsibility. She ended up at the Mother Teresa Home for children. In 1976, a family from Norway adopted the child and took her to their country. They named her Kohinoor, after the iconic diamond.

To celebrate 40 years of independence, Kohinoor was invited to Bangladesh. "Kohinoor '71" is a special programme highlighting the war child who grew up away from her country. The show will be hosted by freedom fighter and trustee of Liberation War Museum, Akku Chowdhury. It has been produced by Ashraf-uz Zaman and will be aired on Desh TV at 7:45 pm. On the show, Kohinoor will share her experiences and her story of growing up as a singer. She will also sing a song on the show. Kohinoor started taking ballet lessons from the age of 12 and has acted for both the small and big screen. She has performed in Norway, Sweden, England, Canada, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Kohinoor does not hesitate to introduce herself as a former war child. As a matter of fact, she proudly bears this identity.

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