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Friday, November 29, 2013

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Take coordinated steps to avoid food crisis

Menon urges govt

Workers' Party President Rashed Khan Menon has said if the government fails to take timely and coordinated steps, the country would face a food crisis leading to a famine.

He was speaking at an extended meeting of Jatiya Krishak Samity and Bangladesh Khetmojur Union at Shaheed Asad Auditorium in the city yesterday.

Menon said there is a crisis of fertilisers and seeds in the country and the farmers are merely depending on their fate after sowing the seeds.

He alleged that the government is not paying proper attention to the supply of fertilisers and seeds.

Prof Abdus Sattar presided over the meeting where a report on rural economy and real condition of the farmers was presented by Aminul Islam Golap, general secretary of Jatiya Krishak Samity.

The report said although the caretaker government could gain the public support due to its anti-corruption drive, it is now losing that support for its failure to control the abnormal price hike of essentials.

It also revealed that there is a lack of coordination in distributing relief among the Sidr-affected people and their immediate rehabilitation.

The government's hope to make up the loss in Aman paddy through increased production of IRRI and Boro, would not be fulfilled if the fertiliser crisis sustains, the report added.

It urged the government to provide the farmer with fertilisers, seeds, insecticides, power pumps and to initiate food for work programme for impoverished villagers.

The speakers at the meeting also demanded subsidy in agriculture, poultry and livestock sectors, farm loan at 5 percent interest, cyclone centres in coastal areas, and rationing for the village poor.

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