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Monday, January 16, 2017
Monday, December 24, 2007

I am small investor of Dhaka Stock Exchange. I have already invested all my savings with some loans also. The Security Exchange Commission has the right to control the market, but the prices of all shares (except 2/3 A category companies) were declining before Eid. Is it an example of good management by SEC to secure the market? As I see from a newspaper, the SEC feels the market is now more secure for all small investors. I don't think so and I am totally disappointed with their views. If the share prices fall, then how the investors become secure? As far as I know most of the small investors have sold their shares and withdrew their money from the market as they have the memories of 1996. I want to ask the authorities: are they thinking that the decreasing trend is safe for investors? We feel badly insecure.

We do not understand the hidden factors of the market and most of the investors don't want to understand that but we want a normal situation in the market, where prices will behave normally. The SEC creates this situation; the investors do not create it. So, I think the SEC and the government also have the responsibility of saving the market as soon as possible; otherwise it will be more devastating than 1996.

Please take necessary action to save us and to save the capital market.

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