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Sunday, January 15, 2017
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I understand IPL has created a sensation around the cricketing world with its grandeur beginning and swashbuckling play by some of the well-known cricketers of this generation.

It is not untrue that Indian young players, especially the under 19s, will be benefited by plying their trade alongside the Warnes, the Chanderpauls, the Pollocks and current Indian national players, and many others.

IPL is attracting a lot of crowd, who can watch a complete match within three hours without sacrificing their working time at all. Unlike the 50 over matches or the Test matches, this new version of T-20 format will not keep you seated in the stadium for 8 long hours, or, on television viewers' part, it saves them time to do other important errands before sitting in front of the television for these matches.

At first, like all others, IPL created a great excitement within me. As the days are passing by, and the more I am watching these matches, I am losing that zeal which had induced me to remain glued onto the television set in the first few matches. It is because, IPL matches are being held every day.

That is my personal opinion. I may not be wrong to say that there might be some other viewers bored by too much of cricket.

The IPL organisers should think about it.

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