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Friday, January 20, 2017
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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I would like to salute The Daily Star for the June 15 news “River void of life forms” and the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology for their study on water pollution. It touched my heart and took me back to the past.

Being one of the thousands of inhabitants living in Nagari in Kaliganj thana under Gazipur district, I recall my childhood during which we saw and also used to catch fish from the rural canal connected with the river Balu! A hook and different types of small and big nets were our traditional common instruments for fishing! And there were tremendous joyous moments while we used to take a bath jumping into the canal water playing different tricks and games!

At the beginning of rainy season, our uncles and neighbours used to catch big fish, especially boal, using big fishing-spear. Once early in the morning my mother called me up from bed to see something. I was bewildered to see a very big fish. It was caught by one of my uncles.

Round the year, professional fishermen used to fish in the river and the canal. Different kinds of snails and cockles were found everywhere in the water body.

The fresh water was an absolute source of irrigation during boro season.

Now finding a living being in the water is difficult.

Is not our government mightier than the polluters? May we beg to them to take immediate steps to stop water pollution.

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