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Sunday, January 15, 2017
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am a long time fan of comedy serial “Keeping up appearances” - one of the products of British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC. A brief analysis of the serial would reveal, among other things, it has been designed for depicting pertinent aspects of superiority and inferiority complexes associated with human personality against the backdrop of an English social setting.

Factors such as: the context of the serial; and the role, as well as performance of actors and actresses including that of Hyacinth (the actress's drama name) are, on an average sense, capable of making viewers not only to giggle but to create opportunities for retrospection and reformation, in varying degrees though, at individual, collective and other levels, especially when it comes to matters associated with say, intra and inter human interactions. In other words, the serial - via it's existing mode of transactions - seem to encourage at least the willing viewers to re-discover aspects of human nature that are very personal to them or otherwise and to use the serial as a mirror to see them through it for any follow-up action in areas of individual and collective improvements, per se.

The last word: the comedy serial - keeping up appearances - represents inter alia - either directly or otherwise - light and hard realities of human life. It is a good effort on the part of BBC and the performers. Congratulations! It is expected BBC will arrange to show the serial in Bangladesh for its TV viewers in the foreseeable future.

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