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Sunday, January 22, 2017
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Former US Vice President and Presidential candidate Al Gore has endorsed Barack Obama. It is very significant as Al Gore is a personof great intellect, he opposed the war in Iraq, is concerned about global warming and climate change, he is anxious about the future of this planet and trying his best to do something.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Oscar! How different the world would have been if he had become the president of the US, which was snatched away from him.

I congratulated Barack Obama for becoming the Democratic Presidential nominee but his speech at the AIPAC disappointed me very much. But I hope that as he is a person of great intelligence, he will act wisely if he becomes president of America.

The whole world is looking up to him to see the change he is advocating. We hope Obama will follow the footsteps of Al Gore, do everything to bring peace and stability to this world, try to bring back the good will towards America which has been lost during the last eight years, make friends not enemies all over the world by his foreign policy, so that again people will look up to America with reverence.

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