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Monday, January 23, 2017
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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I was astonished to read the news report entitled “Original copy of independence proclamation missing” (June 18th DS). It is indeed a shocking revelation that the original copy of the April 10, 1971 proclamation of independence, through which the first government was formed and the March 26, 1971 declaration of independence was approved, is missing! It appears from your report that after the August 15, 1975, these documents were deliberately “ lost, removed or destroyed”, by the people who were in power.

Hence it appears that a nefarious approach had been taken by those people to meet their own individual goals. And what surprised me more was that successive governments have not taken any worthwhile steps at all to recover the original copy. Now that the original copy is no longer in government custody, yet, one hopes efforts can still be made to find out the original copy of the document, which acted as an interim constitution during our glorious Liberation War. We have seen the Liberation War history being distorted in the past.

We have to keep on fighting against these anti-liberation forces to ensure that the new-generation are kept well informed about our true history.

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