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Mosharraf Karim

Mosharraf Karim is one of the most talented actors of his generation. His ability to internalise a character and histrionic ease in various roles have create a niche for him on the small screen. Recently the prolific character-actor talked to The Daily Star about the saga of his success.

“In my childhood I used to emulate the body language of people. Beside this, I was a common figure in my school theatre. In 1986, my love for theatre took a new dimension, when I joined the theatre troupe Natyakendra. To date I am a member of Natyakendra though at present I cannot give sufficient time to the troupe,” asserted Mosharraf. “Natyakendra has given me my best schooling in the field of acting,” he added.

After over a decade in theatre, Mosharraf emerged on the small screen in 1999. Mosharraf said, “Probably Atithi, Ferdous Hasan's single episode TV play aired on channel i, was my first TV appearance in 1999.”

However the early days were a challenge. According to Mosharraf, his turning point was 2004. That year he played two important roles in two different TV works, which established him as a promising actor. One of those is in the tele-film Kyarom, where he performed with co-artiste Tisha.

Mosharraf said, “Actually I never took TV acting seriously until 2004; rather I was enjoying working in theatre. In the latter part of 2004, I had to change my decision and take to TV acting professionally due to a family crisis.”

Mega serials – Bhober Haat and Ghor Kutum -- and drama serial 420, aired on channel i, distinguish him as a successful actor.

Explaining his technique, Mosharraf said, “At first I read script of a play thoroughly and delve into the demands of my character. If I find that the character will not suit my personality then I will not opt for it."

About the differences between TV acting and stage performance, Mosharraf said, “On the stage, you can merge yourself with a character because you get sufficient time to practice day after day. On the other hand, in TV plays there is no opportunity to go deep into the character.”

At present he is working in the drama serial Houseful, aired on ntv, jointly directed by Iftekhar Fahmi and Redwan Rony. His role in the serial is that of a highly suspicious house tutor.

“My wife has been an important support in my acting career," said Mosharraf, who is the proud father of a five-month- old son Rayan.

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