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Monday, January 23, 2017
Sunday, July 6, 2008

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The Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) in the National Assembly, Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, Thursday said that 100-day confused management of the government had caused 22 per cent overall inflation in the country with 30 per cent increase in food and 45 per cent in oil prices.

"The 100-day of the government have brought no relief for the inflation-stricken people of the country and the regime has virtually failed to fulfil the pledges it had made with the nation during electioneering. No promise made by the prime minister in his maiden speech could be materialised indicating the ruling coalition has totally missed its own set baseline," said Hayat in a press conference while issuing white paper 'The 100 Days Betrayal-Starring Coalition Government' by PML-Q on the 100 days performance of the coalition government.

He said that PM had stated that 100 days performance of the government would define its future path. "Today after the completion of 100 days, no step announced at the floor of the House has been fulfilled due to mismanagement and poor governance," he noted.

He said that sitting rulers before elections were claiming rhetorically that price would be reverted to 1999 position but he added, "The inflation has mounted many times in the last 100 days."

He said that PML-Q would not ask the government to resign against the past practice but would continue pressurising it to govern efficiently and fulfil pledges.

Assailing ruling coalition's internal rifts, Hayat said that the government could not succeed in establishing supremacy of the Parliament and was involved in political blame game.

"The ruling coalition's focus on non-issues has turned people lives' miserable and they are crying with agony, after new government's installation," he added.

He said that incompetence of PPP could be gauged from the bitterest fact that despite the lapse of more than three months, it could not find the clue of Benazir's assassination. "PPP leaders insistently say that they have won public mandate owing to the sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto but the party has yet completely failed to unearth the conspiracy behind her murder," he added.

He said that despite the fact that two major ruling coalition partners had the experience to run the affairs of the state, the incumbent government had badly failed to deliver anything to the nation in the last 100 days.

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