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Sunday, December 4, 2016
Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dhaka College students yesterday went on the rampage and set fire to a microbus following a road accident that left one of their fellow students injured. A speeding microbus had hit Saiful Islam, a first year student of biology department, in front of the college while he was crossing the road at around 12:00noon. Saiful's legs have been fractured but he was out of danger. Police had also done their job and seized the microbus and detained its driver Idris Miah.

A speeding and irresponsible driver obviously would meet with an accident but what I cannot comprehend is why the students feel that vandalising vehicles would solve the matter.

At various stages of commuting in and around Dhaka, I remind the drivers of their responsibility as a driver.

Likewise, I urge the students to refrain from acting irrationally after such unfortunate incidents. They could be hurting a lot of innocent passers-by and their own family members could get hurt in a similar incident elsewhere. There are definitely other ways to resolve the matter. Seminar and workshops on driver's responsibilities could be a few of the alternates. Sadly, vandalising vehicles puts the students at par with the driver of the microbus.

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