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Thursday, January 19, 2017
Sunday, July 6, 2008

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The abominable act of a police officer at the airport has tarnished the image of Bangladesh in front of the foreigners and the rest of the world. But more astonishingly, we observe that the sleazy work is being treated in a different way.

We know when any offence is committed police will take note of that and register a case. Here, the police officer was caught red handed for an offence under section 411 of the Penal Code. There is no scope of filling simply a GD while the complaint of the offence is present and the stolen article is recovered from the possession of the offender.

The offender should be treated as an offender whoever he may be. But here we see that the accused was not arrested and no case was registered either. From the newspapers we came to know that a departmental proceeding is underway against him! Really funny.

For the sake of clarity and image of the police force and the country, we demand that the police officer be punished according to the law immediately. Otherwise, the big mouthful word of police reform will mean nothing.

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