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Monday, January 23, 2017
Monday, July 7, 2008

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Every day thousands of people are receiving proper and excellent medical treatment in Dhaka. Cardiac interventions and surgeries, knee replacement surgeries, vertebral column surgeries etc are being performed regularly in a very professional manner by expert hands in Dhaka. Unfortunately, some of our expert medical professionals suggest treatment abroad for politicians. Is it not shameful for them? The cases may be considered.

Sheikh Hasina : Went to the USA for treatment as her hearing aid is neither available nor repairable in Dhaka. Treatment expenses may be paid by son or daughter.

Koko: Suffering from multiple respiratory, cardiac, musculo-skeletal, neurological diseases. These can be treated in Dhaka.

Md. Nasim: Recently suffered a cerebral stroke. As per medical science cerebral stroke follows its own natural course. Once started there is no way to prevent it. It will stop by itself at a certain stage. There may be internal bleeding or embolus. Treatment is possible in Dhaka.

Transfer by air ambulance to Singapore will cost Tk.32 lakh. How the family will justify the transfer and subsequent treatment expenses? Will the relevant authorities check the income tax returns of Mr. Nasim, his wife and his sons?

The same logic of transfer and expenses is valid for Koko, Tarique Zia and Khaleda Zia. They do not possess such legal funds or wealth to bear expenses of treatment abroad. At the same time, treatments are available in Dhaka.

We would request the authorities to examine the legal, financial aspects of their treatment abroad.

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