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Thursday, January 21, 2010
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Dhaka City expansion plan revealed in JS

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday in parliament said that her government has a mega-city plan to expand the areas of Dhaka city.

Hasina also said her government had taken massive initiatives to digitise land survey records in efforts to build modern land administration.

The government is seriously considering giving approval to the Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan (1995-2005) covering 1528 square kilometre, she said.

According to the plan, boundary of Dhaka city will be extended to Shitalakhya river, a part of Sonargaon thana, Meghna river in the east, Bongshi river in the west, Dhaleshwari rivers both in the west and south, and north boundary of Gazipur municipality.

As per the plan, municipalities of Narayanganj, Tongi, Gazipur, Savar, Kadamrasul, Siddhirganj and Tarabo will be incorporated into Dhaka City Corporation.

“The government is planning to build several satellite towns under the plan and those will be implemented in phases,” she said in a scripted answer.

While talking about the modernisation of land administration, the premier said once the modernised land survey and management system are introduced, it would reduce people's sufferings.

While replying to lawmakers' queries, she said as part of a modernised land administration the land ministry would prepare a digital map of the entire country.

And besides, her government has finalised a countrywide development project under public- private partnership to mitigate people's sufferings related to land disputes.

“Land records will be digitised at union parishad level so that people can have easy access to information on land records,” the premier said.

Under the land ministry's project, a digital archive of the existing mouza map and cadastral survey (CS) records will be developed at all mouzas of 64 districts.

She said the digital land management system will be introduced on the basis of the latest survey conducted in 461 upazilas excepting the upazilas under three hill districts.

The prime minister told the parliament that her government had taken a huge plan to boost up country's tourism sector.

On the occasion of world cup cricket, the year 2011 will be observed as tourism year to build a positive image of country's tourism sector, she said.

Hasina said her government is preparing a five-year (2009-2014) plan. As part of the plan tourism resorts in the country is being identified in a view to developing them as major tourist attraction.

“Efforts were taken to build exclusive tourism zone for foreigners,” she said, adding that the mega plans had been prepared to develop Cox's Bazar and Kuakata tourism spots.

The premier said the government had initiated to enact law on exclusive tourism zone to develop tourism facilities in a planned way under both government, and private efforts.

Another law titled Tourism Board Law will also be enacted to expedite expansion of tourism industries under the concerted efforts of both government and private stakeholders, she added.

Replying to lawmakers' queries, the premier told the House that the government had taken initiatives to increase monthly honorarium of freedom fighters. They will also be allocated abandoned houses and khas land.

In response to a query of a lawmaker over the dispute of the list of freedom fighters, Hasina said a fresh list of freedom fighters is being prepared.

She urged lawmakers to help drop the names of fake freedom fighters prepared during the BNP-Jamaat led alliance government.

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A sensible government should try reducing population pressure in Dhaka instead of extending her monster size further. Dhaka's new extension must stop and many organizations should move out of Dhaka to relieve the city from congestion, lack of space for breathing, unmanageable population density and the horrible traffic jam. The cantonment should move to Northern Bengal, The BDR HQ must be relocated to Sylhet or Khulna, the Navy to Patuakhali and the Air Force to Chittagong. Even the Dhaka University may shift to somewhere in a remote area of Munshiganj or Chandpur district where BNP, AL, Jamat and all those student groups and politics loving teachers can do wherever they like including killing each other if they prefer to do so or make the campus an abode of learning and scholarship. Some of government departments can also be shifted to Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal and Chittagong.

Today many people in Europe work from home and actually nobody needs to have an office to offer services. By using computers, telephones and web camera one needs no physical presence for effective communication. The PM is talking about digital Bangladesh and other day the Bangladesh Bank Governor promised paperless bank by 2021. Why not they start using the simple digital technology that is available now? Did they ever meet by video conference? I suppose they can save time and have fun too using it when they need to meet each other.

: Tayeb Husain

All these expansion plan of the city means a massive landfill, which is apparently easy as sand can be dredged out of the rivers and fill the lands and good for the navigation and flood control. But there are two aspects to be looked at:

It will make environmental problem, depriving the huge waterbody around Dhaka in flood season.

Frequency from seismic load (earthquake) will be much higher in those landfill region and low height buildings will easily experience resonance and eventual colapse in a seveire earthquake. Proper construction will be much expensive.

Our Old Dhaka can be turned into a gold mine if properly developed with wide roads and tall say thirty storied buildings.

Dhaka is naturally growing towards Mymensing and with proper city planning it can be developed into beautiful modern city upto Mymensing keeping all the forest area inside the city.

: Zafar Sadeq


  • baz
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 05:45 AM GMT+06:00 (317 weeks ago)

    I did not read yet and no wise to read all, but Mega city for third world country like Bangladesh is disaster in future. Instead of Mega city, should be make the city smaller than now relocating all those garment factories and small industries etc. The capital must be use for hightech, education and research centre and cultural centre. If the district level cities got those industries, then export product can be produce cheap and the worker can work from their home and looking after their family, but not like living like a dog in the capital city in shantytown, where disease, food and waters are the problems for the people

  • Mohammed Uddin
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 06:31 AM GMT+06:00 (317 weeks ago)

    Vertical expansion of the boundary should be initiated first. High rise buldings should get high preference since we have shortage of land in the city.

  • nasarullah
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 07:31 AM GMT+06:00 (317 weeks ago)

    Expansion of areas of Dhaka city is needed to accommodate and bear the additional load of migrated people arriving from other parts of the country . I am not a town planner not, a developer, but in principle, not in favor to expand the Dhaka city corporation areas for accommodating influx from other parts of the country, to make the city crowded, unplanned and uninhabitable for large people.

    In other word, the government is encouraging rural and people from other parts to converge in Dhaka city instead to thinking to make all efforts to developed and expand other major cities, like 5 divisional cities equally by enhancing privileges , facilities at par of the capital to create salutary environment for people to live there comfortably enjoying the modern facilities. Government is expanding the areas of Dhaka city widely, which will enhance the cost of land , and in the long run would benefit the developers and land grabbers. In addition to these, the law and order situation, criminal acts would go up, more slums would be created.

    Government could try to relocate all those garments factories, hazardous small industries out of city to stop city degradation

    Here I would like to say, the Khulna city corporation for last couple of years has been trying to expand its areas to include as per local demands, but the ministry of the local government has kept abeyance for long.

    To me , government should give equal importance to expand other cities with due consideration and decentralization , that will help to develop other parts of the country simultaneously under the patronization of the city corporation, then people will be more enlivened to stay ,

  • Dr. Shahidur Rahman
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 09:48 AM GMT+06:00 (316 weeks ago)

    Thanks to honorable PM for her wonderful mega plan. but how to solve the problems of present Dhaka city which is already overcrowded by slums, floating mass, unplanned constructed buildings, narrow roads and huge vehicles. City dwellers are already suffering from supply crisis.

  • Msa
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:13 AM GMT+06:00 (316 weeks ago)

    Good decision. This city needs to grow bigger. Thank you Prime Minister but where is the road plan for both present and future Dhaka?. No expansion should take place for a satellite town or a full-fledged town with out a net work of roads. Where is the much expected ring road? I hope the Daily Star will let its readers know about the future plan of the city in follow-up news..

  • Russel
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 05:32 AM GMT+06:00 (317 weeks ago)

    Expanded boundary will only aggravate Dhaka's traffic congestion as satellite towns tend to increase commute. Relocation of the capital is the only viable option for this overburdened city.

  • MAS Molla
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:28 AM GMT+06:00 (316 weeks ago)

    This seems the continuation of the devastating centralized planning. I wrote time and again that, the bordering rivers of the capital, that it would cross for so-called pragmatic expansion, are bound to die. no govt. would succeed in saving them. So please plan for decentralization, shunning such so called pragmatism that only quenches the thirst of people who are addicted to living in Dhaka

  • s. ali
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 01:08 PM GMT+06:00 (316 weeks ago)

    Why must the city have to expand? To accommodate more and more people? Is Dhaka all Bangladesh or a part of it? We look with awe and chagrin how educated and sensible people can be so concentric and selfish. Bangladesh is doubtlessly a land of farmers and villages. It is shocking that none think about the well-being of the poor village people, about rural employment so that the stream of poor village people into the city stops. Please PM, show that you really think about the poor village people. You can do that by generating and expanding employment opportunities in the rural areas. Accumulation of all blood in the face does not indicate good health. Besides, think about the fast dwindling arable land. Where will the poor go if no cultivable land is left? They don't have children or relatives abroad, I'm sure. Please don't forget it.

  • nafiza Nasarullah
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 11:56 AM GMT+06:00 (316 weeks ago)

    I don't understand under what context, the government has contemplating to expand Dhaka city which is already overcrowded and unplanned and clogged with heave traffic jam to move. I make a polite appeal to the Honorable Prime Minster, to consider shifting of major establishments some Financial institutions to other parts of the country Head offices of some banks , to Khulna, Chittagong , Rajshahi or sylhet , BIWTC to Barisal, Decentralize some central Government offices to divisional head quarters instead of planning to expand already cramped Dhaka city .We need more green parks , open lands, lakes and roads , streets, play grounds and children parks to have clean breaths and healthy hearts .

    Probably many of our dignitary do not embrace the painful feeling of standing hours together on the streets for traffic impasse or lack of cooking gas or water in apartments, many more impediments.

    I fervently make an appeal to Honorable Prime Minster , please dont expand the city any more rather to develop other parts of the country by ensuring equal and better facilities to allure people to live there .Even to think and make ways to encourage Dhaka city dwellers to return back to homeland .

    Expansion means extra taxes , extra burden , corruptions and deterioration of law and order situation and unplanned city by grabbing lands and the last , God forbidden to face frightened and dreadful life for any unfortunate disasters .

    We expect are cities are developed with modern facilities with easy traffic and residential apartments as I had seen in some other countries. We can do , what we need a pragmetic plan and proper implimentation proceduers


  • dinar, usa
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 02:07 PM GMT+06:00 (316 weeks ago)

    what is the use of expanding city boundary, if proper structure and utility services are nor ensured and available at the door steps of the people . Don't pay more attention to create mega city at par of other cities of the world and pay attention to provide services easily to higher tax payers.





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