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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Apurba, Prova post-wedding

The newly weds.

Popular actors Ziaul Faruq Apurba and Sadia Jahan Prova tied the knot recently. The wedding took place in Dhaka in presence of a few close friends.

Prova and Apurbo would feature as co-artistes in 10 TV plays set to air during the upcoming Eid. Apart from these, they will also appear in a six-episode mini-serial titled “Pakhir Dana-e Bhor”. Chayanika Chowdhury is directing the serial that would also be aired during the Eid-ul-Fitr. Interestingly enough, the serial shows Apurbo and Prova's characters eloping and getting married.

The Daily Star (TDS) caught up with the newly married couple:

TDS: What's life like after getting married?
I'm happy, excited! I'd often be upset while shooting and others pointed that out too. That episode has now come to an end.
Apurba: Words are inadequate to demonstrate how happy I am. Perhaps, this feeling comes once in a lifetime.

TDS: How much was the denmohor and where was the wedding held? Who were present?
Denmohor was set at Tk five lakhs and one. Our marriage was registered at the Uttara Kazi Office (sector no. 7), Dhaka. Several of my close friends were present at the wedding, which took place at one of my friends' house in Dhaka. We got married at 8 am on August 19. We all left for Mymensingh that afternoon. I am grateful to all my friends as they stood beside me during my hour of need.

TDS: What were your gifts for each other?
I gave Prova a diamond ring and a pendant.
Prova: I gave him a gold ring.

TDS: When did you come back from Mymensingh?
I came to Dhaka for a day and went back. We are staying at a friends' place in Mymensingh. Some of our friends are staying with us too. We are having a lot of fun. We'll come back to Dhaka in a few days.
Prova: Though we're not in Dhaka, we're enjoying our honeymoon.
Apurba: We haven't yet decided on where we'd want to go for our proper honeymoon. Most probably, we'll go abroad. The wedding reception will also be held soon.

TDS: How is Apurba as a husband?
I have no complaint. I'd say, he's great!

TDS: What was the initial reaction from your family?
At first they were shocked. My family loves me and want me to be happy. I'm happy with Prova, so they are happy too.
Prova: At first I broke the news to my uncle and aunt. I haven't talked to my mom yet. I know they will gradually take it easy.

TDS: When did you fall for each other?
It's quite recent. We've been working together for a while. And we fell in love with each other while we were working in the serial “Khunshuti” that went on air on ntv.

TDS: Who proposed first for marriage?
Actually, it was not a one sided decision. Obviously we both decided to get married.

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congratulations for your wedding , wishing you both a happy married life.......... but i must say that Apurbo is a great person because he accepted her after all of those things which was done by prova ........ which we can see now on you tube......

: Tauseef Ali Khan

If all the star actors get married with their colleagues in the industry and that too with their co-star actresses, we the viewer left with no choice, but to quietly suffer from our story of untold love. Don't be surprised if you see my dead body hanging out of a banyan tree in coxs-bazar with a Maryl soap pack in my hand...falio chokher du phota jal, prio! Anyway, congratulations!

: Sheikh Monirul Islam, Opee





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