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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thursday, November 11, 2010
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Abide by court verdict

PM urges Khaleda

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has again urged Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia to vacate the Dhaka Cantonment house abiding by the High Court verdict.

She said when the army officers are suffering from accommodation crisis, it is possible to provide housing facilities to at least 200-250 army officers on the land of the house now "occupied by" Khaleda Zia.

The opposition leader and her party are defying the High Court verdict to save her “illegal house”, she said at an opinion-exchange meeting with local lawmakers and Awami League leaders at the conference room of Tahirpur upazila complex yesterday afternoon.

The meeting was arranged on the sidelines of a public rally held on the occasion of distributing agricultural inputs among the farmers of the district.

Khaleda Zia is enjoying 168 kathas of land at the cantonment and in city's Gulshan area with a swimming pool, Hasina said.

“Government rules were been violated in giving Khaleda the two houses,” she added.

The premier said instead of working for the people, BNP is making all out efforts to protect Khaleda's house and to save her two sons and its former ministers from the charge of corruption.

The opposition leader and her party men are dishing out “falsehood” to confuse people, she said.

She also said that not only at the cantonment and Gulshan, “Khaleda Zia has lands” in city's Dakkhin Khan and in Savar area. “This family had confused the people making out a story of broken briefcase.”

The BNP-Jamaat forces are diverting people's attention saying that the government has failed to contain the price hike of essentials and maintain law and order situation, Hasina said.

“But everybody knows that just after assuming power, we've been able to bring the prices of essentials within the commoners reach. The law and order situation is also very good,” she added.

Hasina asked his party leaders to make lists of landless and distressed people as the government has allocated money to rehabilitate them.

She said the opposition party is telling that the government is doing nothing to increase power generation.

“But the people know that we've been able to add remarkable additional power to the national grid and projects are being implemented to set up 30 new power plants. Three power plants have already been set up,” she mentioned.

Besides, the government has decided to set up 10 more power plants at the earliest possible, she said.

The PM also said that if the last BNP-Jamaat government had worked for power generation, the present power crisis would not exist.

“During the BNP-Jamaat rule, Bangladesh was known to the world as a country of militancy and corruption. It is the Awami League government who has freed the nation from the stigma of militancy and corruption,” she said.

On local government, she asked the upazila chairmen and lawmakers to work hand in hand for people's development.

The PM stressed that every Upazila Awami League unit must have its own office and the leaders concerned must sit in it regularly.

She also mentioned the government's plans to give internet connection up to union level and start housing schemes at union, upazila and district level.

About the economic poverty of the people in haor areas, Hasina said if the natural resources of the haor areas are utilised properly, poor people would not face any difficulty.

“It is very unfortunate that despite availability of huge fish resource and even mineral resources, poor people in haor areas are suffering from poverty,” she said.

She assured of taking proper steps for infrastructural development of the haor areas.

“Adequate number of roads must be constructed here, the waterways here must be given back its natural conditions,” she said.

She underscored the need for setting up more schools in the haor areas.

Hasina asked her party leaders to inform people about various development projects of the government. “Party's organisational activities must also be strengthened further,” she said.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith, Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury and Awami League Advisory Council member Suranjit Sengupta MP were, among others, present.

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I never understood what really drives the priority list of the political parties in Bangladesh. There are at least 3 buildings on Gulshan Avenue itself which have violated clearly laid-out rules. I see no interest from the Government in addressing those violations, and their priority lies in a house that is situated at a far less crowded and less accessed area of the city. Is the present and future important, or the past? The country, as the governing party says, has lost 400 crore to the current occupant of this house. I wish we could reach Gulshan to Uttara in less than 30 minutes and save more than that 400 crores in less than a week. Seriously messed up priorities indeed!

: Zeeshan Kingshuk Huq

It is not a wise decision to hold a house in cantonment. Now, she must leave.

Although the decision of Sheikh Hasina is good to give housing to about 250 Army officers, she should not actually talk about this issue because court will decide what to do.

: Kazi Firoz


  • faqrul usa
    Thursday, November 11, 2010 05:22 AM GMT+06:00 (274 weeks ago)

    Weak argument provided by the advisors of the PM. The issue has three major aspects to consider such as:

    a. The legal issue which includes , law is equal to all citizen. There is gross deviation in this case.

    b. The people expect person of the highest moral standard shall hold the office of the PM and the OL. In this case no moral response is seen.

    c Are we going to create a bad example of misuse of polical power for personal gain by legal means ?

    d Are we going to institutionalized politics in the sensitive and restricted zone of the country ?

    Comment: If nothing works, please shift the cantonment from the city zone and let the OL enjoy her residence with all memories of the past.

    Just keep logistic and public service installation with necessary restriction for the benefit of the people.

  • Dev Saha
    Thursday, November 11, 2010 08:19 AM GMT+06:00 (274 weeks ago)

    It is good to see High Court and government getting involved in evicting Ms. Zia from the cantonment premises. Would they show the same zeal in repealing the discriminatory Enemy Property Act to establish once for all that minorities are not some illegal aliens in their own country? How long do we need to wait for the justice?

  • Md. Mujibul Alam Khan, Taiwan
    Thursday, November 11, 2010 08:57 AM GMT+06:00 (274 weeks ago)

    Dear Prime Minister, it is unwise of you to deliver decision even comment on issue/s waiting court verdict.

    As a defender of democracy and justice it is unexpected of you to disrespect the judiciary.

    I trust your leadership in creating a healthy culture in our politics.





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