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Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday, November 11, 2010
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Domestic help dies in 7-storey fall

A nine-year-old domestic help died after she fell from the roof of a 7-storey building at Arjotpara in city's Tejgaon yesterday.

Jharna, who hailed from Mymensingh, was working in the house of Lutfor Rahman, owner of a poultry farm in Gazipur.

On information, a team of police reached the spot at about 11:30am and sent the body to Dhaka Medical College morgue for autopsy, said Mahbubur Rahman, officer-in-charge (OC) of Tejgaon police Station.

Neighbours said after hearing the sound, they went to the spot and found the body of the girl lying on the ground.

The OC also said none was present in the house during the incident.

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I saw the news on NTV which showed her dead body. I was shocked and my heart torn apart.

I cannot believe that such cruelty can happen in the civilized world.

The lady used to lock this 11 old flower in a dark apartment and left for work everyday. Imagine how cruel we are. We use children for our household duties...for our comfort. Are we educated? Are we civilized?

She had signs of torture. I cannot believe it....simply I cannot imagine what type of people we have in our society. What mentality do we have.

Small children like her sacrifice their lives for our greed and stupidity. We made our educated citizens monsters, intersperses predators, psychopaths. We don't have any empathy...we are cruel and we are blood thirsty.

Also, why does a TV channel as NTV show dead body. I felt so bad. I'm simply disturbed by such a news cast.

Also, the news showed local people were smiling. As if, this is a normal thing. Those people were dancing (some sort of cheerful movements) behind the police van which was taking away the body. I simply cannot believe it.

I have seen these small blossoming flowers pouring down their lives to the greedy upper and upper middle class's homes in Dhaka...and in all urban places in Bangladesh. THIS PRACTICE MUST BE STOPPED.

Her dead body was found in dump / garbage depot. Our mentality is no better than a trashcan. We have disposed our unconscious mind in the trash can of rotten civilization. We are a derailed nation.

First of all, child labor exploitation is a crime. Why should a child work for your wife's convenience?

Second, why don't we introduce ID card and central database for all domestic helpers / workers?

Lastly, why don't we introduce massive kitchen appliance market and ensure proper, uninterrupted power supply?

This kind of faceless criminals should be seriously punished.

A be a school teacher..can be a private firm employee..can be a politician...can be a doctor..can be any other professional...Can be a predator / killer.....because our education system..our social value system..our moral judgment.

Thanks to those who have designed our primary and secondary education systems.






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