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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunday, February 13, 2011


For better managed hospitals

Have monitoring cells to oversee

Conditions of most of the public hospitals in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country are far from satisfactory. Pitiful service, acute shortage of beds, scarcity and lack of maintenance of equipment in almost all departments, notoriety of lower class employees and the brokers, unsanitary conditions and frequent non-availability of nurses and duty doctors make for the general scenario in our hospitals.

Apart from shortage of logistics, the hospitals are plagued with mismanagement which has in some cases given rise to a parallel administration of lower level employees and brokers. They conveniently carry on their trade in selling of spaces and beds, managing admissions in cabins or wards, making medicines, foods and other services available on payment. Some of them even entice gullible relatives of patients away to private clinics or diagnostic centers.

Sometimes negligence on part of the doctors in attending the patients and deaths caused due to faulty treatment add to the woes of the hapless patients and their relatives.

According to a 2006 estimate, there are about 1683 hospitals in Bangladesh. Of which, 678 are government and rest private. Such small number of hospitals just cannot cope with the growing figure of patients that throng these places everyday. Scenes of patients lodged on the floor are a common sight. Can they feel cared for? In some hospitals, the hygienic conditions are so poor that the stinking corridors and washrooms makes a visitor fall sick.

The government should monitor the overall quality of services in the hospitals, with special focus on maintenance of equipment. It should also clean the hospitals of notorious elements that thrive on the woes of the sick. Such practice will not only help raise professionalism of the country's health care providers, it will also ensure a better deal to the poor who turn to public hospitals for affordable medicare.

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1 Hospital's infrastructure and mission statements has not been established on need basis of general population.

2 I agree with The Daily Star that maintenance and mismanagement are destroying lot of equipments imported at the expense of tax payers money.

3 Criminals including lower level employees had took shelter in the name of Unions and Shamities .Salaries should be performance based for everybody from top to bottom rather than fixed one.

4 Hospital's infrastructure should be changed radically under health policy which is yet struggling to be published by the government and conspiracy of multinational drug companies and health bureaucrats are still continuing with this democratically elected government.

: Dr . Karim

Probably no one would deny that the lower-middle class of the country who rely on the public hospitals for medical services are handicapped. However, the affluent and influential people of the country can easily mange to receive over sea treatment even for a trivial health problem. Does it not imply that they do not have faith on the countries medical services which is plagued with mismanagement and corruption? May be this is the reason that they do not even think of this crucial fact.

Lay people are helpless regarding this matter and their voices do not make any sense. How long do we have to be in this darkness?

The leaders of the country make big sounds of their promises but are these promises ever materialized what so ever?

Are the country leaders aware of this messy and corrupted state of health sector?

I would not debate on our rights, but is this not high time for us to become conscious and morally active?

: S.M. Noor Siddiquee, Student, NSU, Development Worker


  • syed iqbal
    Sunday, February 13, 2011 10:50 PM GMT+06:00 (260 weeks ago)

    Unfortunately,the same health related stories are being repeated years after years. We don`t see any plan taken and easily we can predict what would be the state of health services in the years to come.We have health adviser,Minister and a big health department but no substantial plan!

    In fact we don`t see any vision,passion and political commitments-this is unfortunate and incompetent people are in the driving seat since the birth of our nation.

  • Md. S I Bhuiyan
    Monday, February 14, 2011 10:53 AM GMT+06:00 (260 weeks ago)

    This is true that the general mass do not get enough medical service from the government hospitals. Corruption is in all levels may be held responsible for that. But on the other hand, the infrastructure and financial condition of the country can not treat 18 Million people! Have we tried to stop rapid increase of population, no. Dhaka has the population almost equal to the population of entire Australia!





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