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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2011

Diagnostic centres

These days numerous medical diagnostic centres have sprouted up in the larger cities of Bangladesh but it seems that these have no guardians to look after the interest of the naive patients who do not understand the technicalities of numerous tests and which are beyond the budget of the middle class families. Then there is the contradiction of wealthy patients going abroad for treatment.

Recently there was a news item in the press of the arrest of a fake doctor of such a centre. There is a tendency amongst a section of the doctors to recommend more tests than essential. Normally, the tests could be categorised under three heads: 'Essential', 'Necessary, and 'Optional'. It is understood that the prescribing doctors get a commission from the fees of the tests. These tests, with modern equipment, are a source of profit to the centres and are supposed to impress the patients.

There appears to be no independent body to monitor these services, to protect the interest of thousands of patients. The ministry of health should publicise the monitoring and regulation of this sector in public interest. Also, the doctors in their prescriptions, frequently omit to write down the symptoms and diagnostics (to avoid detect wrong treatments).

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First the patients need to think for themselves, that is what are his or her needs, and what are the best options. The world is full of predatory people, unfortunately. They want to take your money, in the pretence of serving your best interests.

Because you are in distress and very unsure of what to do and your best way to get a needed service. You have to think again and again and make sure you have a personal doctor who is reputable, knowledgeable, and competent. That takes time to find out. But please find a good doctor when you are not in a crisis. Then stick to your good doctor and trust him or her. I am a doctor, and I have taken care of people with and without money. It pains me to see that doctors are all in a major competition to collect fees. The public also go for the unscrupulous ones, being so trusting or ignorant. The law requires you to be licensed, but reputation is a lot different than a licence on the wall.

I hear, there are all sorts of promotions in the front, and but kickbacks and bribes are rampant at the back door. It is very sad, the reputation of the care givers has declined to where people are treated very poorly and in a disgraceful way. Regulations cannot solve these issues. Morality or ethics cannot be legislated. There are plenty of laws in the books, I am sure.

We need self-esteem, and self-respect to not cheat our patients. In a land of so much display of religiosity and piety, it should be automatic. People need to be decent on their own. Until then, buyers be ware.

: M.H.Choudhury, M.D.





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