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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


E-service at Jessore DC office

Let it prove user-friendly

Introduction of one-stop e-service at Jessore Deputy Commissioner's office to rid the local administration of red tape and inefficiency in the delivery of services is a step in the direct direction. With the launch of this service, people will not have to frequent the DC office to find a designated official for submission of an application or seeking a document.

It is also heartening to note that since most people in the district levels are not familiar with the computer, leave alone the internet; the service provides for them an alternative whereby they can hand over the application to or procure a document from the e-service centre in person. Alternatively, they can send the material through the district portal or by post thereby getting the job done by concerned officials. If operated systematically and transparently, this will also help curb corruption.

However, any system is as good as its implementation which is why we are concerned about the capacity building in terms of trained manpower required to make the e-service work in Jessore before it can be replicated throughout the country. In order to keep the system operational, there has to be highly motivated officials at work and maintenance culture should be built into the system. Also crucial is an uninterrupted supply of power during the office hours to keep the computers functional in the first place.

As we understand it, the service has to do with administration including revenue collection and land documentation. It will also have to attend to law and order issues and development works of different agencies. The basic pre-requisite for implementing the service is awareness building among the people about its benefit and how to go about it.

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Heartiest congrats to the district administration. However, governance services such as rule of law, primary education, primary health care, preserving equality and human rights, targeted government programmes and subsidies, can enhance welfare of people.Yet large sections of people, especially in Bangladesh, reamain poor, exploited and marginalised, and are not able to improve their lives as they are deprived of even the most fundamental benefits of good governance.

: Gopal Sengupta, Canada

AN exemplary step to the right direction. I hope that similar services are introduced in other major cities as soon as possible.

Thanks to the Jessor DC office authorities for their efforts in this regard.

: Mohammad Rahman





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