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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, January 6, 2012

All-engulfing corruption

It is deeply frustrating that corruption is pervasive in the country. Corruption now occupies the centre stage in public discourse in Bangladesh. It is humiliating when we see the name of our country on the top of the corruption list of the world.

A few years ago, we were dubbed as one of the ten most corrupt countries of the world. Our leaders at that time dismissed the evaluation and blamed others for portraying a false image of the country. The result is that we are still a top corrupt nation.

In reality, corruption is deepening and widening in all sectors. Recently, the Transparency International revealed another report that said our police and judiciary are holding top two positions in the corruption list of the South Asian countries.

Unfortunately, after 40 years of our independence, we have failed to rid ourselves of corruption. On the contrary, we have welcomed black money and made Anti-Corruption Commission weaker. We seem to have turned a blind eye to corruption despite the fact that it is damaging to our national image. Unless our leaders rise above their petty interests, a corruption-free society will remain far from reality.

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