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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friday, January 6, 2012

We want punishment to criminals

I minutely read the news report titled “Bike-riding muggers” published in The Daily Star of December 31, 2011. What I have understood so far is that our law enforcing agencies are unable to control crimes. I think this news will encourage the muggers to carry on with their activities without any fear.

The DMP commissioner has said in a monthly crime conference that they will launch a special drive against muggers. He also reported that some muggers were arrested but they (the police) were forced to release them on bail. After their arrest, the muggers stay for a few days in jail and resume their activities after getting the bail.

The police are considered friends of the public in many countries. But in our country, the situation is completely reverse and the police department tops the corruption list. In seminars and symposiums, the big bosses of different law enforcing agencies express their profound opinions. But practically, we do not see any result. They just comment on different topics as they are invited to say something.

I request the law enforcing agencies and other departments to sit together and take firm steps to ensure security of the common people. The criminals must be punished. We do not want to read the news of crimes only, we want to read the news of punishment given to the criminals.

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