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Monday, February 8, 2016

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
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Liberation War in Sculpture

Jagroto Chowrongi in Jaidebpur

Jagroto Chowrongi is the first post-Liberation War sculpture in Bangladesh.

Abdur Razzaque is regarded as one of the greatest sculptors of our country. He was the first artist to take up sculpture in the independent country. His 'Jagroto Chowrongi' is considered one of the best sculptures in Bangladesh, considering both form and theme, by art critics. Located in Jaidebpur, and constructed in 1973, it is the first post-Liberation War sculpture in Bangladesh. It depicts a freedom fighter with a grenade in his right and a rifle in his left hand. The sculpture is an 18 feet high concrete piece on a 24 feet pedestal.

About the work, noted sculptor Syed Abdullah Khalid said, “After finishing 'Jagroto Chowrongi', Razzaque Sir was encouraged to do many sculptures in different areas of the country. His works are simultaneously of technical excellence and intellectually mature. He liked to work with figures. He has made many semi-abstract and pure abstract pieces. These vary in media, materials and size. As medium he has used cement, stone, steel, iron, bronze and wood. In metals he has used both welding technique and casting. Wood, one of his preferred mediums, was carved and shaped to give a distinct dimension by the touch of his skilled hands.”

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