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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monday, May 7, 2012

Harmful effects of mobile towers

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Nowadays mobile towers of different phone companies are seen in every nook and crannies of our country. Almost all use mobile phones. But how many of us know about the adverse impact of mobiles and mobile towers on our body and environment? Scientists are saying that every mobile tower emits a lot of electromagnetic radiation which causes different types of diseases such as heart disease, leukaemia, hypertension, brain tumour, brain cancer etc. It affects those badly who are living within one kilometre from the tower. Children are the worst victims of this harmful electromagnetic radiation. Even the birds, insects and trees will also be affected.

What is more worrying is that almost all the towers have been installed near public places such as schools, colleges, clinics, hospitals and residential areas, ignoring the terms and conditions of installing those. It should be installed on the rooftop of more than forty-storied buildings or in an open space where there will be no public places within one kilometre. But phone companies choose to install the towers in an area which is densely populated, for their commercial purposes. So, the phone companies should come up with a unified policy of installing the towers for the sake of people's health and environment.

Therefore, I would like to request the telecommunications minister to address the issue and take pragmatic steps without any delay as it is posing serious threats to public health.

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Indeed. The Towers must never be put on residential buildings irrespective how high the building is.

: Imtiaz Ahmed

Thanks for bringing this potentially life threatening issue to light. The other day I was at a rooftop at Shantinagar where three tower were standing like a tripod and I was thinking to myself 'are the people living here even aware of the dangers posed by the proximity of these towers'. Also, what the mobile phone operators are doing to protect the people? How about the regulators? Again, thanks for creating awareness on this often overlooked issue.

: Topu





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