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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nitya Upahar teams up with Grameen-Uniqlo

Tadahiro Yamaguchi, managing director of Grameen-Uniqlo, and Bahar Rahman, owner of Nitya Upahar in Aziz Super Market, shake hands over an agreement between their firms in Dhaka yesterday. Grameen-Uniqlo clothes will be available at the Nitya Upahar outlet soon. Photo: Nitya Upahar

Grameen-Uniqlo clothes will now be available in the outlets of Nitya Upahar, a local fashion house, from June 20.

Tadahiro Yamaguchi, managing director of Grameen-Uniqlo Ltd, and Bahar Rahman, proprietor of Nitya Upahar, signed a deal in this regard in Dhaka yesterday, according to a statement of Nitya Upahar.

Grameen-Uniqlo is a not-for-profit social business in Bangladesh formed with the partnership of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh and Uniqlo of Japan.

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