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Thursday, July 5, 2012
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Rab protests HRW report

Hours after the release of Human Rights Watch's report yesterday, Rapid Action Battalion rejected outright the report terming it baseless, motivated and fabricated.

“Human Rights Watch's report is baseless and intentional. It is trying to instigate militancy and criminal activities to deteriorate law and order in the country,” Commander M Sohail, director of Rab's Legal and Media Wing, told a press conference at the Rab headquarters in the capital.

“We are protesting the report through the press. We will send a letter of protest to them and, if necessary, we will seek legal remedy,” he noted.

Some local upstart rights bodies and vested quarters are helping the HRW to hatch a plot against the country, complained the Rab official. He however did not elaborate on the local upstart rights bodies.

Brad Adams, director of HRW in Asia, launched the report “The Fear Never Leaves Me” at a press briefing in the capital. The report deals with the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles, now Border Guard Bangladesh) mutiny in April 2009 and its aftermath.

The report claimed that Rab has been involved in many human rights abuses against the accused in BDR mutiny cases.

The HRW demanded the government disband Rab to stop such human rights violation.

The Rab is neither interrogating the mutiny suspects nor investigating the incident, said Sohail, so no question arises of taking the mutiny suspects into Rab's custody.

While preparing the report, the HRW did not contact Rab for its version, he added.

Contacted, Senior Secretary CQK Mustaq Ahmed of the home ministry said autopsies were carried out on the bodies of the mutiny suspects, who died in custody. But the findings of the autopsies did not mention about any sign of torture on the bodies.

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Rab terms HRW report baseless: Rab's Commander M Sohail tells us that HRW report is baseless, HM tells us that country law & order situation is acceptable and there are no extra judicial killings, FM tells us that our economy is reasonably healthy- nothing to worry about, Suranjit tells us that he is clean, Minister Abul Hossain tells us that he has no involvement in the bridge corruption issue, Police & DB tells us that they failed to find any clue to double-journalist brutal murder, sophisticated arm of law informant agency Rab is still investigating; and finally our PM tells us that all WB corruption allegations are baseless as there were no fund allocation¦it that simple. What are we complaining about folk! We should be considering ourselves lucky to live in such paradise.

: OpeeMonir

HRW shoulbd stop US drone operations on Muslim countries killing innocent people and religious terrorists. Rab is our human drone. They are equipped with intelligence. These human drone do the operation when needed and selectively exterminate the social terrorists for their own safety.

: a chowdhury


  • Fida Likhon
    Thursday, July 5, 2012 01:54 PM GMT+06:00 (188 weeks ago)

    RAB is necessary but it should not be brutal to any innocent people. This is what is important. The foreign man Adams should go to Iraq and talk about how his western superpower uncles violated human rights.





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