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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friday, November 9, 2012

Why blame Western culture?

I note how often 'western culture' is blamed for the deterioration in behaviour and morals. I would like to assure your readers, sir, that what passes for 'western culture' today is what I do not recognise as my 'culture' at all, as one brought up in the England of 60 years ago!

I think it arrived, with the 'winds of change', fanned by the growth of a ruthlessly commercial media, especially television, that soon realised that actively promoting rudeness, lasciviousness and violence was highly profitable. It met little or no resistance from governments, the upper classes, educational establishments or family life. It was indulged and, not surprisingly, it has spread. It somehow convinced people that this was 'modern' and 'liberal'.

I was brought up with a strict sense of the 'done thing' which, apart from the disgraceful way in which some minorities were treated, provided firm and good guidelines for society. Wearing skimpy clothes and lots of make-up was NOT the 'done thing'. Once a girl's hair reached her shoulders, it had to be tied back. Dead bodies were not seen on TV, nor gross behaviour. The sort of thing we see in the trailers of films today, would have been unthinkable.

In some areas, even of cities, many left the key to the back door under the mat and the man delivering fish or meat would put it in your kitchen and pick up the money you left him on the table.

I do not remember hearing any of the Anglo-Saxon words even through four years at Oxford University. These were words men did not use in front of 'nice girls'. Yet, I heard an employee on the phone in a Dhaka bank manager's office saying, “Oh, sh*t!” Such words are universally used today.

So please do not blame 'western culture', dear readers. Your 'culture', too, has taken to these standards as a duck to water!

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Well majority of the developing and under developed countries were at some point ruled by the Europeans. The good thing is they are gone, the bad thing is they did not teach us the good things/morals. What they left for us are the bottom end of the knowledge of barrel. In one word rubbish. On top of that Indians started copying the western way of life and now we are following the Indians blindly. Since India which did not convert the entire nation to Hindi as the only languadge and kept english side by side are the ones passsing on the barrel end legacy to countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma through thier movies, dramas and music. On top of that the so called Hollywood movies are also encouraging the general people to take all the bad things and try to implement in there daily life. I see every one is to be blamed including Bangladeshi, British, Indian and Americans for poor quality words in movies and specially in the game of Cricket.

: Msa Uk

May be the problem lies with enlightenment of the soul. May be we are so-called educated, but not really enlightened in the true sense. I think there lays the problem whether we are in the East or the West.

: shakil ahmed





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