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Monday, February 15, 2016

Friday, November 9, 2012

Another feather in Yunus' cap

Our lone Nobel laureate and global anti-poverty campaigner Prof. Yunus has recently been made the chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. This is perhaps for the first time a Bangladeshi has become the chancellor of a university in a foreign country.

Actually, Prof Yunus' dedication to alleviating poverty through micro-lending and his innovative concept of social business have made him one of the most honoured personalities of the present day world.

But it is a matter of great regret that such a globally-renowned iconic figure is being humiliated and belittled by the leaders of the ruling political party in his own country! While Prof. Yunus is being praised and honoured for his pioneering achievement in different foreign countries, the Bangladesh government is hell-bent on discrediting him!

What a shame! Such vindictive attitude towards a man who has immensely raised the image of the nation in the world is totally unacceptable and of course, disgusting. Will our government mend its ways and give Prof Yunus and his Grameen Bank their due?

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Looks like Muhit and AL has found a new partner in criticizing Dr. Younus in the form of Amarta Sen.

: Msa UK

grameen bank has been giving service since long years to lift people out of poverty through the micro credit innovation, the people who lack capital, employment, are given tiny loans with interest(20% to 30%) which they can start small business, as the business improve the loan-taker is supposed to repay the loans in installment. Microleding has spread throughout the developing world and earned grameen and its founder dr. Muhammad younus the 2006 novel peace prize.

Poor people had loans in various way of micro credit grameen bank and had had a hard time trying to pay back their loans . some had sold their house , others had their tin sheets pulled off their houses to cover the weekly payment. Over 50% of loans takers have been plunged in to serious financial situation as weekly installment are regular and repressive, when these home holds are usually facing deficit income.

The scandal has renewed argument over whether grameen bank is really motivated towards alleviating poverty or are purely profit making business venture.

Fearing thecontroversy surrounding grameen bang and its organizer will be very likely tarnish the global image for Bangladesh.

: Naser Mullah , Riyadh - KSA





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